Billups Launches AI-Powered Cookieless and Device ID-less OOH Measurement Solutions

Enhanced tools allow advertisers, media owners and platforms to measure full-funnel OOH performance while ensuring privacy

NEW YORK--()--Billups, a global Out-of-Home (OOH) managed services agency helping advertisers and agencies strengthen media performance through a patented analytics and measurement platform, today announced enhanced OOH measurement solutions for marketers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their OOH advertising strategy. The company has expanded this offering globally, providing local and cross-geography metrics to drive campaign insights and performance for advertisers in nearly two dozen countries.

With increasing concerns surrounding data privacy and the deprecation of cookies, advertisers are seeking innovative solutions that prioritize consumer privacy while still delivering actionable insights and results. In response to this demand, Billups has developed new privacy-centric measurement solutions, independent of mobile device identifiers or tracking cookies. This suite of tools gives marketers the ability to understand, attribute and optimize OOH audience targeting and drive action toward KPIs.

Using privacy-compliant mobility data to track exposure to OOH placements, Billups identifies devices exposed to ads and ensures statistically confident results by cross-referencing audience data against various demographic and behavioral characteristics. With AI-powered predictive modeling, Billups identifies units akin to historical top-performing units, improving performance by targeting new units appealing to similar audiences, simplifying market replication and planning.

"These privacy-compliant solutions have empowered us to make data-driven decisions with unparalleled precision and allow us to optimize our OOH advertising strategy for maximum impact,” said Jessica Romaniuk, President, Chicago at Two by Four. “By leveraging AI and cutting-edge machine learning technology, Billups has not only made our campaign results more informative, but also established OOH as a vital channel in our performance marketing mix.”

“Our standard approach to measurement is built on consented data and is fully anonymized,” said Shawn Spooner, Chief Technology Officer at Billups. “Each data point is assigned to a privacy-preserving cohort, which removes all personally identifiable information. With Billups, data and privacy are protected, incremental OOH performance is still measurable, and every dollar is utilized to its fullest potential, maximizing ROI for advertisers while maintaining the integrity of their campaigns."

“With the launch of our enhanced measurement capabilities and new solutions, we are giving advertisers greater confidence to plan and implement OOH alongside other performance media,” said David Krupp, Global CEO of Billups. “Our intention is that these solutions establish new benchmarks for accountability, privacy and efficacy across the broader advertising technology ecosystem.”

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Jonathan Gardner


Jonathan Gardner