Best Nomos, A TeamBest Global Company, Launches Its Most Modern, Highly Innovative Compact SONALIS Ultrasound System

WASHINGTON--()--Best Nomos, a TeamBest Global Company, is launching its most modern, highly innovative Compact SONALIS Ultrasound System. Over the past 15 years, Best Nomos has been working on a range of ultrasound systems, and now it’s developed and is introducing the most novel, flexible, modern system, with a large 21.5” touch screen providing the highest resolution, capable of using 20 different probes for diagnosis.

With its previous hallmark, patented SimulView™ Technology, the system provides superior visualization of HDR, LDR, Tranperineal Biopsies, fiducial marker placements, or any other procedure that can be performed with a transrectal ultrasound system. SimulView™ Technology provides simultaneous “live” views of the prostate in both planes, thereby increasing treatment accuracy and precision. Among its many capabilities, it features: longitudinal array providing for 140 mm length of view encompassing the bladder, prostate and perineum; superior HD image resolution for improved implant accuracy, speed and physician confidence level; the capability to convert from stand-based to desktop without losing any functionality; and more.

The system capabilities have been expanded and enhanced to support 20 different probes for multiple procedure locations in several new disciplines. These disciplines include Cardiac, Musculoskeletal, Nerve, Venus and more. TBG will manufacture millions of these probes in the USA and India, and offer them at moderate prices worldwide, ensuring the highest quality.

Additionally, the Best Cure Foundation (BCF), a non-profit organization, will initiate the transition to ultrasound screening for breast cancer as an alternative to the current standard of using mammography. Since breast cancer can be detected in females even in their teens, it’s essential to use ultrasound for breast cancer and other cancer screenings as an alternative to mammography.

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Krishnan Suthanthiran, 703-451-2378,