Bilateral Chamber Hosts Iraqi Prime Minister and his Delegation in Houston

Roundtable with His Excellency Mohammed Shyaa Sabbar Al-Sudani, Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq and his delegation yesterday in Houston, Texas (Photo: Business Wire)

HOUSTON--()--Bilateral Chamber, a leading organization at the forefront of global commerce, hosted His Excellency Mohammed Shyaa Sabbar Al-Sudani, Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq and his delegation yesterday in Houston, Texas. The Iraqi Prime Minister was accompanied by Iraq’s Minister of Oil Hayyan Abdul Ghani, Iraq’s Minister of Planning Dr. Muhammad Ali Tamim, and a delegation of Iraq’s business leaders who met with their U.S. counterparts.

As a major step forward in international collaboration, HE Prime Minister Al-Sudani participated in a round table discussion with U.S. energy, infrastructure and real estate companies and educational institutions, highlighting Iraq’s commitment to forging strategic alliances to transform its energy environment by embracing efficiency and sustainability. Additionally, HE Prime Minister Al-Sudani highlighted a vision for the relationship with the United States based on partnership and openness.

The event in Houston followed a series of official visits in Washington, DC and the MOUs between Iraqi and U.S. companies to capture natural gas from flaring in Iraq's oilfields, underscoring the long-standing commitment and history these companies share with Iraq.

“The impressive collaborative efforts support the broader vision outlined during HE Prime Minister Al-Sudani's visit aimed at achieving energy self-sufficiency for Iraq by 2030,” said Aida Araissi, Founder & CEO, Bilateral Chamber. “This visit has sparked a renewed sense of enthusiasm and unity among the Iraqi business delegation and U.S. companies, and it has revitalized interest in increasing investment and supporting Iraq's development initiatives.”

Attended by industry leaders including Baker Hughes, GE Vernova, Honeywell, Weatherford, Worley, KBR, SLB, and Total among many others, the event underscored the concerted efforts of Iraqi and U.S. stakeholders to address Iraq's energy and non-energy development challenges.

Beyond energy, HE Prime Minister Al-Sudani unveiled plans for building new urban centers, hospitals, and digitalization efforts. Addressing a wide range of sectors, including oil, gas, healthcare, and education, HE Prime Minister Al-Sudani reiterated his commitment to enhancing the standard of living for Iraqi citizens.

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Cari Broderson ​​


Cari Broderson ​​