Frontline Safety First: Voran Group and MHCare Medical Arm First Responders with SoRite DECON for Fentanyl Decontamination in Canada

EDMONTON, Alberta--()--Voran Group, renowned for its expertise in product commercialization, has partnered with MHCare Medical, a leader in medical supply distribution, to introduce SoRite® DECON in Canada. This vital innovation addresses the need for fentanyl decontamination solutions, supporting the health and safety of law enforcement, emergency responders, healthcare workers, and maintenance personnel by ensuring on-the-job hazards are mitigated.

SoRite® DECON is a patent-pending, forced degradation chemistry that efficiently oxidizes harmful substances like fentanyl, heroin, and xylazine. Designed specifically for frontline and emergency personnel, it is user-friendly, free from toxic ingredients, and emits no harsh odours, making it ideal for healthcare and emergency services.

This collaboration marks a significant step in enhancing safety and reducing risk from fentanyl exposure. Leveraging MHCare Medical’s distribution network, the partnership aims to equip first responders and cleaning professionals with this essential tool.

Chelsey Reschke, CEO of Voran Group, highlights the partnership's potential, "Our collaboration with MHCare Medical will profoundly impact public and workforce safety in communities affected by the fentanyl crisis. Fentanyl's potency has significant implications for staff who may encounter it during their duties. We should never accept accidental exposure as a workplace hazard—there's a pressing need for innovative solutions."

MHCare Medical’s commitment to caring for communities and frontline workers is demonstrated by its leadership in this initiative. Imen Haymour, Vice President of MHCare Medical, echoes this sentiment, "This partnership is pivotal in enhancing safety for professionals across various sectors by offering an affordable, easy-to-use solution that degrades fentanyl to help prevent accidental exposure to this lethal hazard."

The alliance is committed to comprehensive training and support for SoRite® DECON, ensuring effective usage and community safety. The goal is to make SoRite® DECON a go-to solution for fentanyl decontamination challenges across Canada.

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About Voran Group: Voran excels in guiding products from development to market, offering their clients comprehensive commercialization services, including go-to-market strategies, claims validation, and supply chain optimization.

About MHCare Medical: MHCare Medical is one of the fastest growing medical supply companies in Canada, with world-class global supply chain and logistics expertise. MHCare Medical holds both Medical Device and Drug Establishment licenses and is ISO certified. Our mission is to keep front-line workers and communities safe; we give generously to the communities in which we operate, working closely with non-profit organizations.

SoRite® DECON was developed and created by Aseptic Health LLC of Nashville, TN. This innovative product reflects Aseptic’s commitment to changing the way the world cleans by creating more effective and safer cleaning products.


Chelsey Reschke


Chelsey Reschke