Mojo Vision Appoints Dr. Achin Bhowmik to the Board of Directors

President of Society for Information Display joins as independent board member

SARATOGA, Calif.--()--Mojo Vision, the high-performance micro-LED company, today announced the appointment of Dr. Achin Bhowmik to its board of directors. Bhowmik, chief technology officer at Starkey, a former executive at Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), and currently the president of the Society for Information Display (SID), joins as an independent board member to provide guidance and oversight for the company as it accelerates the development of next-generation micro-LED technology. With Bhowmik’s appointment, Mojo Vision is tapping 23 years of industry experience in perceptual computing, display, and semiconductor business.

“Through my work with the Society for Information Display, I have had a front-row seat to major innovations in the display industry and have worked with leading scientists and executives,” said Bhowmik. “Mojo Vision is a pioneering display technology company, consistently breaking new ground in micro-LED advancements, including its recent achievement of single-panel RGB. I am honored to join Mojo’s board to guide its experienced, driven, and innovative team to the successful commercialization of this technology.”

Dr. Bhowmik’s background is rich in computational perception, displays, and semiconductor business and he has led the development of emerging technologies into multifunctional computing and communication devices with his work at Starkey. As a long-time executive board member and currently the president of the Society for Information Display, he has played a critical role in fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry. He was recently awarded Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for his leadership in perceptual augmentation devices.

“Mojo Vision is applying significant discoveries by some of the world’s leading scientists in the work we do with our own team in Saratoga, California. Our proprietary high-performance quantum dot technology significantly expands on the foundational technology that was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry last year,” said Nikhil Balram, CEO of Mojo Vision. “As we take this technology out of the lab and into the market, the guidance of Dr. Bhowmik will be critical to our success. We are incredibly honored to have him on our board.”

Dr. Bhowmik is the chief technology officer and executive vice president of engineering at Starkey. Previously, he held positions at Intel as the vice president and general manager of perceptual computing. At Intel, he led research, development, and business for various technologies including 3D sensing, interactive computing, artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous systems, and virtual/mixed reality devices.

“Adding Dr. Bhowmik to our board brings Mojo that much closer to the commercialization of our high-performance micro-LED technology,” said Drew Perkins, chairman of the board of directors and co-founder. “Our display technology is semiconductor-based, so his experience in both of those industries, especially his 17 years at Intel, is critical perspective and expertise that we need as we design a high-volume manufacturing process based on 300mm wafers. The addition of an independent director complements our experienced and accomplished board of directors and we are looking forward to his contributions.”

Dr. Bhowmik’s additional experience includes services as a board member and trustee for the National Captioning Institute, as well as a member of the board of advisors for the Fung Institute of Engineering Leadership at the University of California, Berkeley. He also holds positions as an adjunct professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford Human-Centered AI Institute and the Wu Tsai Neuroscience Institute.

“As the industry pushes for adoption beyond larger headsets like the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro towards smart glasses and other form factors, micro-LED is primed to power these future displays,” said Rajeeva Lahri, former vice president at Global Foundries and current Mojo advisory board member. “While Mojo continues to build industry-leading micro-LED technology, it is assembling a world-class team, including experts like Dr. Bhowmik, to bring this technology successfully to market.”

About Mojo Vision

Mojo Vision is focused on developing and commercializing high-performance micro-LED display technology for consumer, enterprise and government applications. The company combines breakthrough technology, leading display and semiconductor expertise, and an advanced 300mm manufacturing process to deliver on the promise of micro-LED displays. Mojo’s proprietary quantum-dot technology brings full color capability to its display platform, and meets the superior performance demands for all form factors. Mojo Vision developed the world’s smallest, densest dynamic display for the first AR smart contact lens and is now applying this innovation and expertise to lead the disruption of the $160 billion display industry.


Carol Boyko
104 West Partners for Mojo Vision

Release Summary

Mojo Vision, the high-performance micro-LED company, today announced the appointment of Dr. Achin Bhowmik to its board of directors.


Carol Boyko
104 West Partners for Mojo Vision