I/O Fund Catapults to 131% Cumulative Returns Due to Leading AI Allocation

Actively managed portfolio and research site announces triple-digit returns since inception.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--I/O Fund, a tech research site that actively manages a real-time portfolio, announces returns of 57% in 2023 with a cumulative return of 131% since inception. This compares to popular tech ETFs that have cumulative returns of (-10%) in the same time period for an outperformance of 141% in less than four years.

The I/O Fund grew to prominence in 2023 due to famously calling Nvidia an AI stock in 2018 and repeating the thesis over 25 times including Tier 1 media appearances. In 2021, the firm publicly stated that Nvidia would surpass Apple to become the world’s most valuable company. At the time, this was inconceivable.

Since its inception, the I/O Fund has rivaled and exceeded Wall Street’s best firms.

  • The I/O Fund’s cumulative returns since inception of 131% compared to popular tech ETFs at (-10%) with a relative outperformance of 141% in less than four years.
  • The I/O Fund’s cumulative returns outperformed the Nasdaq-100 by 49% and outperformed the S&P 500 by 68%.
  • Since inception, the I/O Fund has a lead over institutional technology portfolios by as much as 157%.

These results were independently audited by an accounting firm in San Francisco. More details can be found on the I/O Fund website.

“We are unrivaled when it comes to choosing artificial intelligence winners. Nvidia was our highest allocation, yet there are many other AI winners the I/O Fund is poised to capture. We beat Wall Street to an explosive moment for AI and we plan to beat Wall Street again to other AI leaders,” said Beth Kindig, CEO and Lead Tech Analyst.

Lead Tech Analyst, Beth Kindig, was dubbed “Queen of Nvidia” by Fox Business News when she stated on live TV that her firm was sticking with Nvidia after the company reported a $2.5 billion revenue miss in 2022.

Kindig’s firm sent out 9 trade alerts under $200 for Nvidia in 2021 and 2022 with one trade alert as low as $108.51 on October 13th, 2022 for gains of up to 775% in under eighteen months. Due to Kindig’s unique approach to tech analysis, the portfolio holds a handful of stocks she believes will ultimately become large AI winners.

Impeccable timing on Nvidia and other AI stocks led to the I/O Fund having one of the highest allocations to AI on record at 45%. Previously, the firm was early to cloud in 2019, then rotated into AI in 2022.

“We were early to Nvidia’s AI story and we are confident we will be a frontrunner in finding the next big AI stock. The AI trend is the best investment opportunity of our lifetime, and we offer an invaluable resource to those who want to capture it,” said Beth Kindig, CEO and Lead Tech Analyst.

In 2023, the I/O Fund had five positions with returns over 100% and seven positions beat the Nasdaq-100.

The I/O Fund portfolio manager, Knox Ridley, uses risk management tools such as intermarket analysis, Elliott Wave and Gann theory to increase the resiliency of the portfolio returns compared to a buy-and-hold approach.

“The million-dollar or even billion-dollar question that has yet to be answered is how to not simply participate in tech, which anyone can do, but rather how to safely participate in tech. The I/O Fund set out to be the first to answer this question, which is why our returns significantly outperform buy-and-hold strategies,” said Knox Ridley, Portfolio Manager.

In 2022, the I/O Fund partnered with Vincent Duchaine of WealthUmbrella to develop an automated hedging signal. Duchaine is an A.I. and Machine Learning University Professor who worked with Ridley to create an automated risk-on/risk-off signal for retail investors. The hedge is the primary tool the I/O Fund uses to hold onto gains from AI and other profitable tech trends irrespective of a broader selloff.

Ridley and Duchaine provide exceptional analysis for crypto markets including Bitcoin. The duo published analysis that was prescient in identifying the bottom in 2022 at $16,500 after identifying the previous top in 2021 at around $58,000.

The I/O Fund hires an independent accounting firm to conduct its periodic audits. It reviewed statements from January 1st, 2023 through December 31st, 2023 from the company’s brokerage and blockchain accounts and found no discrepancies.

For more information, including pricing plans for the I/O Fund’s research, visit their website at https://io-fund.com. Premium members access a portfolio of 10+ positions, webinars, institutional-level research, real-time trade notifications and more. The firm also offers a free weekly newsletter.


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