Cornerstone First Mortgage and Calque Offer Homeowners The Trade-In Mortgage

Homeowners Can Utilize Their Equity for a New Property Before Selling—

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Cornerstone First Mortgage has partnered with Calque to launch The Trade-In Mortgage in markets nationwide. Customers can now conveniently submit non-contingent offers, giving them a significant edge in bidding for homes amidst low inventory and persistently high prices. Despite current real estate market conditions consisting of low inventory and relatively high mortgage interest rates, homeowners are sitting on unprecedented equity. With The Trade-In Mortgage, homeowners can leverage their current home equity to purchase their next property.

Through this collaboration with Calque, Cornerstone First Mortgage has discovered another means of assisting its customers in achieving the dream of owning a new home. Now, Cornerstone First Mortgage can provide better loan solutions to buyers who currently own a home, enabling these buyers to qualify for their next home with a lower debt-to-income ratio and secure better terms. This feature allows buyers to have the peace of mind of a backup offer and the leverage they need to make more attractive offers on their next property.

“The Trade-In Mortgage was an ideal mortgage solution for Cornerstone because we are dedicated to delivering an extensive range of home loan programs coupled with the highest-quality customer service in the industry,” said Cornerstone First Mortgage President Sean Cahan. “We aim to deliver a solution that best fits each client’s needs, and this product is perfect for many homebuyers in this market.”

Cornerstone First Mortgage, which operates throughout the United States, can now offer this buy-before-you-sell program. For homeowners considering their next purchase, the ability to leverage a strong equity position to acquire a home as if they were buying with cash is a powerful proposition.

“Calque selected Cornerstone as the optimal partner for introducing The Trade-In Mortgage to their clients,” said Dan Mugge, chief operating officer at Calque. “Home equity is at an all-time high. As interest rates remain elevated, homeowners can use the equity they have earned to position themselves for the best mortgage possible when they decide to buy their next property.”

About Cornerstone First Mortgage

Cornerstone First Mortgage, LLC is a full-service mortgage bank headquartered in San Diego. All aspects of the loan process (processing, underwriting, and funding) are conducted in-house. Company President Sean Cahan uses his 20 years of experience to transform the loan process for the contemporary homebuyer. Our team of professionals are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service, unmatched communication, and transparent accessibility to the borrower throughout the mortgage process.

About Calque

Calque partners with established community lenders to offer mortgage lending solutions that make the home purchase process simpler, less stressful, and more cost effective for homeowners. Mortgage products such as The Trade-in Mortgage™ streamline the entire home purchase process from start to finish by enabling consumers to submit non-contingent offers that function like cash offers, buy and move into their new home before selling their current one, use the accrued equity on their existing home to increase their down payment and reduce their monthly payments, prep their original home for sale after they’ve moved out, and stress less during the process.

Calque does not compete with lenders, but only utilizes best-in-class, FDIC-insured banks, credit unions, and mortgage banks in every state across the country. To learn more about Calque, visit


Alyson Austin

Release Summary

Cornerstone First Mortgage has partnered with Calque to launch The Trade-In Mortgage™ in markets nationwide.


Alyson Austin