Unveils SAIGE™: A world-first Gen AI-powered conversational intelligence engine for talent management

MELBOURNE, Australia--(), a leader in workplace artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, today launches SAIGE™, a generative AI model poised to transform how organizations globally select, manage and optimize their workforce.

Leveraging proprietary large language model (LLM) capabilities developed over six years, SAIGE™ evaluates candidates at scale using a blind chat interview, providing comprehensive scoring along with a set of job-related competencies, including transparent explanations for its assessments. Compared to resume parsers that evaluate a historical record encoded with various biases, SAIGE™ allows organizations to have a conversation with every candidate and assess their potential to be a good fit for the role.

“We have been on a mission to humanize the way people are evaluated, and SAIGE™ is the next step in this journey. As much as ChatGPT was a revolution in the way we interact with AI, SAIGE™ is a quantum leap in the way people will be assessed and coached,” founder and CEO Barb Hyman said.

Unlike solutions built on existing general-purpose LLMs like GPT-4 or PaLM, SAIGE™'s foundation is a state-of-the-art proprietary LLM meticulously fine-tuned on a massive dataset of over 3.5 million unique interviews spanning 15 million responses across industries, job families and geographies.

This unrivaled training data combined with oversight from industrial and organizational psychology experts and empirical research from research division Labs, provides SAIGE™ with unmatched assessment capabilities governed by robust ethical policies to mitigate human biases that may impact candidate evaluations.

“Structured interviews have been proven to lead to better hiring outcomes and reduce bias in the selection process. Now with SAIGE™ organizations have a way to consistently interview and evaluate at scale using a rubric set by experts, and also generate detailed interview notes. What we are really excited about is the potential SAIGE™ has on providing coaching to hiring managers and new employees on setting them up for success,” Ms. Hyman added.

The platform is capable of detecting and assessing most of the skills and traits employers require for various roles. Crucially, it can also adapt over time and be trained to look for particular requirements for each role and organization.”

“A unique power of these LLMs is their ability to explain themselves. SAIGE™ is bringing this level of transparency that is imperative for the responsible use of AI and especially in people decisions, such as who to hire and promote, helping to reduce the unconscious bias we see in human-led decision making, ” said Chief Data Scientist of, Dr. Buddhi Jayatilleke. has been at the forefront of developing ethical AI solutions supporting hiring decisions since 2018. Its Chat Interview, a unique structured interview scored by AI, is used by ASX and FTSE-listed companies including Woolworths, Qantas, Suncorp, Starbucks Australia, Holland & Barrett, and BT Openreach.

From intelligent candidate screening with structured interviews to personalized coaching and development plans, SAIGE™ offers a game-changing approach to talent management through conversational intelligence.

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About built the world’s first and only Smart Interviewer. Their platform, which sits on a fully vertically integrated proprietary ML system, uses NLP to interview and assess candidate’s interview responses against sought-after skills, values, and behaviors. is loved by brands where finding the right people really matters. It’s also loved by candidates because the low-pressure chat gives them a chance to shine. Every candidate also gets an individual insights report detailing their strengths, their work style, and personalized coaching. Even unsuccessful candidates feel seen, and warm toward the brand.


SAIGE™ is for Interview Grading and Explanations built on top of’s proprietary AI models that interview and score candidates accurately on various job-related competencies and communication skills. SAIGE™ is trained through the use of Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) to ensure candidates are assessed accurately, fairly, and with minimal bias.’s rule based models are built upon an unparalleled and expansive data set, comprising over 3.5 million unique interviews covering over 15 million answers across multiple languages, job families and geographies. This proprietary data set of 2 billion words was used to fine tune the open source LLM Llama-2 from Meta.


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Daniel Delson