New frontier in fighting viruses: electromagnetic waves can render flu and COVID viruses inactive, with a success rate of over 90%. This is the “e4life” new smart prevention device.

The “e4shield” technology, underpinning “e4life” devices, subjects viruses to a precise oscillating electromagnetic field that resonates with the outer shell until it breaks. This renders the viruses completely inactive, so they are no longer infectious.

The effect is generated through electromagnetic waves at a lower intensity than that of an ordinary WiFi device or cell phone (harmless to humans and animals).

“e4life” is the result of a joint venture between two global leaders: ELT Group and Lendlease

e4life - on the left: e4ambient device; on the right: e4you device (Photo: Business Wire)

MILAN--()--In a global context where the smart home market is forecast to reach 345.6 billion dollars by 2032 (Source: IMARC Group), the sector of home healthcare and devices for air purification and sanitizing is experiencing exponential growth. This started with the COVID-19 pandemic and continues today, with such products now accounting for 11% of the market.

An innovative solution that is radically different from the existing options: meet e4life, a smart device that uses e4shield technology to neutralize airborne viruses, rendering them inactive. This technology, patented in Italy, uses no chemical agents or filters, but instead transmits electromagnetic waves to render the viral load in aerosols inactive.

The e4shield technology, which is at the heart of e4life, originated during the COVID-19 period from an initiative by a researcher at the ELT Group who explored the use of electromagnetic fields to render viruses inactive. Using research by Taiwanese scientists published in the scientific journal Nature as his starting point, he began to obtain his first results by testing different frequencies of electromagnetic waves, initially on COVID-19 and then on other coronaviruses.

“In terms of electricity, viruses are similar to a battery, with a positive charge inside them and a negative charge present on the shell of the outer surface. The unique e4shield technology subjects viruses to a precise oscillating electromagnetic field that resonates with the outer shell until it breaks. This renders the viruses completely inactive, so they are no longer infectious,explains Vincenzo Pompa, CEO of e4life.

“e4life” has been launched under a joint venture between two global leaders: ELT Group, a world leader in electronic defense systems for over 70 years, and Lendlease, specializing in major urban regeneration projects.

Efficacy and certifications

e4life has proven efficacy of over 90% and its neutralizing effect is almost instantaneous. There is no need for the environment to be evacuated, because it is harmless to humans and animals. The electromagnetic impulses it uses are safe (with an intensity lower than that of an ordinary cell phone or WiFi device). That is true of both the environmental version of the device (e4ambient), which acts in an area of about 50 square meters, and in the wearable version (e4you), EC and SAR certified, which guarantees that the device can be worn for as long as wished, without any concerns for health.

The technology used in e4life devices has been subjected to rigorous scientific tests and has been validated by the Celio Military Hospital, the independent institute ViroStatics and by a recent study published by the European Society of Medicine (Source:, an association of doctors, researchers and professionals from all over the world, with the common aim of promoting health globally.

The e4shield technology has also been the subject of a recent battery of tests at the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences at the University of Milan (Italy): bioaerosol systems were recreated in a controlled laboratory environment where the SARS-CoV-2 virus and representative seasonal influenza viruses (H1N1) were exposed for the required time to radiation generated by a prototype e4shield device, which uses the SRET (Structure Resonant Energy Transfer) phenomenology. The results obtained confirm those from previous tests: an extraordinary efficacy of nearly 90%.

e4life is currently certified as effective against COVID-19, including variants, and seasonal influenza, but the technology is constantly evolving and can be adapted to an increasing number of viruses and, in the near future, to other micro-organisms too. Continuous scientific research will enable the devices to expand the number of types of pathogens that they can render inactive.

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