Falcon Water Technologies, LSP Products Join Plumbing Manufacturers International

MC LEAN, Va.--()--Falcon Water Technologies and LSP Products have joined Plumbing Manufacturers International as manufacturing members.

Falcon Water Technologies

Specializing in the production of water-free and water-efficient urinals and other water technologies, Falcon was founded more than 20 years ago with a vision of preserving the Earth's natural resources. Falcon now supplies its products to global brand partners in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The company's touch-free, water-free urinal represents about 90% of the company's sales. "As the water environment became more challenging, we were in the right spot to be ready for it," said Falcon President and CEO John Confrey.

Focused on the commercial building environment, Falcon also produces a hybrid urinal that reduces water use by 98%, Confrey said. The company also markets its Intellimix faucet and tap innovation, a touch-free device that delivers a pre-determined mix of soap and water that improves hygiene, eliminates mess, and reduces soap and water costs.

"We look forward to sharing Falcon's perspective on water-free technologies as PMI continues to help plumbing manufacturers innovate toward finding safe, responsible plumbing solutions to the world's water management challenges," said PMI CEO/Executive Director Kerry Stackpole.

Confrey said commercial customers have become more comfortable with installing water-free urinals as Falcon perfected its product's design to optimize drainline performance and prevent odor. In addition, customers need not install water supply lines to water-free urinals, as long as the lines are not required by code, reducing the infrastructure, he added.

According to Falcon's website, Falcon's water-free urinal bowls have five times less bacteria than flushing fixtures. Falcon's cartridges can be used with partners' vitreous bowls, making them water-free or more water-efficient. The company says its products have saved more than 20 billion gallons of water so far.

With more than half of its business occurring in the United States, Falcon manufactures its products in Michigan, near Grand Rapids, with its international headquarters in Los Angeles. The company's products have been installed at Dodgers Stadium, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Taj Mahal, London's Heathrow Airport, and Camp Nou football stadium in Barcelona.

With a professional background in the water heater industry, Confrey said he had heard of PMI and decided to have Falcon join the association for the networking opportunities and to keep up with legislative, regulatory and technical issues. "Relying on PMI, which is keeping up to speed with it and sharing information, is going to make that side of it much simpler for us," he stated.

Confrey looks forward to his and his team's PMI participation. "I signed myself up for all the committees to make sure I'm up to speed on exactly what goes on in each," he stated. "But once I get a better feel, then I'll be able to pick the right person from my team to help with each."

For more information, visit falconwatertech.com.

LSP Products

Founded by plumbers more than 40 years ago, LSP Products focuses on providing innovative products and excellent customer service to the plumbing industry. The company began as Specialty Products, eventually changing its name to the current one.

LSP develops products that make installations easy and provide cost savings to plumbing and mechanical contractors in the new construction market. With many products marked with the “Made in North America” designation, LSP is part of NCH Corporation, which has been owned by the same family and headquartered in Irving, Texas, for more than 100 years. LSP has a manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico, and a distribution center in Dallas, Texas.

“We are thrilled that LSP has joined PMI and welcome the company’s perspective on our industry’s path and future. We also look forward to LSP team members' involvement in PMI committees and events,” said PMI CEO and Executive Director Kerry Stackpole.

Paige Riddle, LSP’s senior director of product management and PMI Board of Directors member, will serve as LSP’s main contact with PMI. “I’m excited about the opportunity to spearhead our efforts with PMI,” she said. Riddle leads LSP’s product strategy, looking for ways to grow and accelerate the company’s business.

LSP’s Rapid Fit Division makes universal bathtub drain kits, bath waste rough-in kits, and designer finish trim kits. The company's Aqua-Flo Division produces faucet and toilet connectors, including stainless steel braided connectors. Aqua-Flo created the first NSF-certified connector liner with patented Ultracore tubing to resist attacks to the connector liner from chemicals found in most modern potable water systems.

The company’s Specialty Products Division manufactures custom and oversized bathtub protectors, washing machine outlet boxes and valves, ice maker outlet boxes, clamps, test caps, hangers, pipe secure brackets, copper stub-outs, hammer arresters, water heater pans, and many other products.

LSP’s Tech Specialties/Frank Pattern Manufacturing Division produces a broad line of roof, floor and shower drains, and closet flanges; its Insulation Division makes polyolefin foam pipe insulation.

For more information, visit www.lspproducts.com.

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Media Contact for PMI: Ray Valek, ray@valekco.com, 708-352-8695

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Falcon Water Technologies and LSP Products have joined Plumbing Manufacturers International as manufacturing members.


Media Contact for PMI: Ray Valek, ray@valekco.com, 708-352-8695