SigScalr Emerges From Stealth With Pre-Seed Round; Goes Open Source to Bring The Next-Generation of Application Observability to Software Engineers

  • Founded by a former Salesforce observability engineer, SigScalr solves the problem of observability at modern hyper-scale, dramatically reducing the cost of application monitoring
  • Open source software, SigLens, has achieved powerful database benchmarks; executing queries 54x faster than ClickHouse, 1025x faster than ElasticSearch
  • Scribble Ventures led the round; WestWave Capital and ForwardSlash Capital also participated. Notable angel investors include: Manik Gupta (ex-chief product officer at Uber), Ganesh Pai (chief executive officer at Uptycs), Srinath Sridhar (chief executive officer at

BOSTON--()--SigScalr, a unified observability SaaS solution that is purpose-built to process large volumes of observability data, today announced it has emerged from stealth and closed a $1.76M pre-seed round to help address the rampant cost inflation in enterprise application observability. Scribble Ventures led the round with co-investments from WestWave Capital and Forward Slash Capital.

The fresh capital will enable SigScalr to launch its open-source software (OSS) product SigLens, a column oriented database built from scratch for observability. The company will also expand its go-to-market efforts and recruit experts in the software and product development space to power innovation surrounding the observability market.

The enterprise technology industry has seen an exponential increase in application log data as monolith software has fragmented into hundreds of microservices. The accompanying log and metadata has dramatically inflated cloud costs as millions in usage-based fees have been directed to incumbent observability companies and public clouds.

SigScalr’s OSS product SigLens was purpose-built. It is a columnar database with dynamic compression that adjusts as data streams in, making it an extremely compact and efficient service. Using micro-indices, SigLens narrows search space, enabling rapid speed queries. Functionally, the platform allows performance engineers to search over compressed data without uncompressing 98% of data.

At 54x faster than ClickHouse and 1025x faster than ElasticSearch, the open source addition of SigLens is the fastest alternative to observability tools currently available on the market. Additional features and benefits of SigLens include:

  • Scalability: Regardless of your dataset's size, SigLen’s horizontal scalability has you covered.
  • Efficiency: Leverage the full potential of your hardware and cloud resources with SigLens's efficiency.
  • Fast: SigLens can search and aggregate billions of log lines in under a second.
  • Ease of use: SigLens offers an intuitive interface, making it accessible even for those unfamiliar with observability tools.
  • Compatibility: SigLens offers query compatibility with every observability tool. It is a drop-in replacement for your existing observability tool.

“Most observability platforms specialize on key areas to support log management, metrics and traces forcing developers to tirelessly switch between platforms in order to troubleshoot productivity issues,” said Kunal Nawale, SigScalr founder and CEO. “For a fresh engineer entering the field, the number of tools available for observability is inscrutable and overwhelming. SigScalr is the only unified observability platform enabling developers to seamlessly consolidate observability tools and effectively reduce cloud infrastructure spend and debug issues faster.”

Addressing The Modern IT Complexities

Today’s dynamic, cloud-native IT infrastructures produce exponentially more enterprise data, making defining and managing the logs, metrics and traces generated more challenging. According to IDC, SaaS-based applications will become a required standard of businesses as the enterprise software market is expected to grow 8% over the next three years. This standard and growth introduces a new level of complexity as IT teams continue to modernize their infrastructure.

The platform is also highly scalable, permitting developers to run thousands of concurrent queries under a second on terabytes of data and allowing up to 1 petabytes of data overall. Other platform consumption models are broken and have no financial incentive to help customers reduce the usage. Customers of a large SaaS implementation would typically have to pay for their egress log data with other observability platforms and would ideally want the solution to run inside the network. SigScalr addresses the financial concerns by operating inside organizational firewalls if they choose or can be hosted with their SaaS connection.

“Kunal and the team are elevating the developer experience by creating a solution to maximize their productivity,” said Elizabeth Weil, founder of Scribble Ventures. “The vast majority of existing software companies spend too much time on provisioning tools to help identify application issues resulting in unnecessary wasted time and cost. SigScalr has been tested to outperform similar solutions and we are excited to be a part of this innovation for the software market.”

“SigScalr is a pioneer for the observability space, and we’re proud to be a part of this funding round at its critical stage of growth,” said Gaurav Manglik, partner at WestWave. “They have a deep, peer-to-peer understanding of the issues developers face surrounding complex systems. The company’s unified approach is tailored to support the future of observability solutions.”

Users can get started by visiting:

About SigScalr

SigScalr is a unified application observability platform, purpose-built for the modern enterprise’s microservice application architecture. It dramatically reduces spend on observability through a unique approach to querying and uncompressing log data. SigScalr’s unified view of observability includes log, metrics and trace data in a single view. SigScalr was founded by enterprise tech veteran Kunal Nawale and is based in the Boston area.

About Scribble Ventures

Scribble Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in pre-seed and seed-stage companies. Founded by operators and investors from Instagram, Twitter, and Andreessen Horowitz, portfolio companies include Whatnot, Certn, Titan, Mysten Labs, Streamline, and Luminai.

About WestWave Capital

WestWave Capital is an early-stage Venture Capital firm that invests in Seed and Series A Enterprise companies building deep technology solutions. The company’s investments focus on SaaS, Security, Cloud Infrastructure, Blockchain, Analytics and IoT companies.


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