United Partners and the European Union Unveil “Cohesion Story Quest” – A Groundbreaking Communication Endeavor

European Commission – DG REGIO and United Partners, a premier PR agency, launch "Cohesion Story Quest," a groundbreaking digital odyssey transforming how the EU communicates its Cohesion Policy. This innovative campaign, featuring hand-picked influencers, takes audiences on a virtual journey across nations, showcasing the tangible impacts of EU funding on reducing disparities, enhancing employment, and driving economic modernization. (Photo: Business Wire)

SOFIA, Bulgaria--()--In a bold move blending digital innovation with grassroots storytelling, United Partners, a premier PR agency, and the European Commission – DG REGIO are thrilled to announce the launch of "Cohesion Story Quest." This pioneering information campaign represents a significant shift in communicating the EU's Cohesion Policy, integrating cutting-edge methods and diverse communication channels. The campaign uniquely involves nano, micro, and macro influencers to craft and spread authentic, digital-first content.

Initiating in Bulgaria – a nation historically among top beneficiaries of EU Cohesion Policy funding – the project will then weave its narrative through Poland, the Netherlands, and Portugal. Each step of this journey will unveil the multifaceted impacts of EU funding, focusing on key achievements such as diminishing disparities, boosting employment, and driving economic modernization.

Enter the "Cohesion Tribe": a dynamic ensemble of hand-picked influencers who will embark on a 10-day storytelling marathon. Visiting 12 transformative projects across four EU nations, this diverse group will engage with project participants, creating a tapestry of local stories. Their mission? To illuminate the real-life impacts of the EU Cohesion Fund – told through the eyes of those directly benefiting from it. Expect a vibrant mix of live videos, candid photos, Instagram stories, engaging interviews, and TikTok posts.

Leveraging the allure of gamification, these rich narratives will come alive in the state-of-the-art "Quest Virtual Newsroom" and through the bustling social channels of the "Cohesion Tribe." This strategy isn't just about spreading information; it's about creating a movement where more people recognize and appreciate the transformative power of the EU Cohesion Policy – a story told not by institutions, but by real beneficiaries.

This United Partners-EU collaboration goes beyond traditional project display. It's a creative expedition showcasing the diverse socio-economic tapestries of four EU countries, unified in their quest for positive change, bridging gaps, and enhancing the quality of life for their citizens. "Cohesion Story Quest" is not just a campaign; it's a digital odyssey where the audience will virtually traverse nations, witnessing firsthand the projects that are reshaping Europe.

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