iwot and D1srupt1ve Join Forces as True SourceTM to Unleash AI Magic on “The Wheel of Time”® - Private Beta Now Available

Collaboration Delivers the “One PowerTM” to Remake the Legendary Fantasy Epic into the World's First AI-Powered Entertainment Franchise

iwot productions and its sister companies are creating immersive audience experiences using transmedia storytelling delivered on diverse media platforms (Graphic: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--Today, iwot productions unveiled a new collaboration with D1srupt1ve, an AI software pioneer, to form True Source, a joint venture company on a mission to transform Robert Jordan's acclaimed The Wheel of Time® series into the first-ever AI-enabled entertainment franchise. The company’s AI service will be branded as the “One Power and will energize an array of products and services that will extend, expand, and enhance the franchise's current and future media formats, including books, television, movies, video games, and location-based entertainment.

The collaboration between iwot productions and D1srupt1ve signifies a groundbreaking shift in how fans engage with their favorite entertainment franchises. D1srupt1ve's dedication to the ethical application of AI technology complements iwot production’s goal of elevating The Wheel of Time from passive and static media into an immersive, interactive, and personalized experience.

“Today’s trailblazing partnership with D1srupt1ve is at the forefront of an AI revolution in the entertainment industry,” said Rick Selvage, President of iwot productions, “The One Power will give rise to a new generation of products and services that will reshape the industry, setting the stage for a future where AI is seamlessly integrated into all facets of the entertainment experience, and becomes an essential part of how we consume connected media.”

The first product to channel the One Power is The Guide— True Source’s revolutionary personal digital companion that serves as the gateway to a comprehensive AI-powered database encompassing the entire Wheel of Time universe. Today, The Guide is fluent in 40 languages and able to understand more than 100. This language capability will be expanded to dozens of other languages, including The Old Tongue from The Wheel of Time. The Guide will draw upon the One Power to create an unparalleled franchise experience, inviting users to delve into every aspect of the world with extraordinary depth and personalization.

The Guide will be available as a mobile app on Android and iOS devices and can also be accessed through a web browser on desktop computers running Windows and macOS. Users of The Guide will be able to try out its capabilities for free, but extended use and access to its full suite of features will require a One Power subscription. Beginning today, True Source is accepting applications for a private beta program of The Guide, which will precede a general release of the service that is planned for summer 2024. Interested persons can find more information about The Guide’s private beta program at: betasignup@theonepower.ai.

The One Power service will also be embedded within “Cards of Eternity: The Wheel of Time,” a forthcoming digital trading card game from Aether Games that will be set in Robert Jordan’s epic world of fantasy, where forces of Light and Shadow battle in a world teetering on the brink of apocalypse. Blending groundbreaking AI, masterful CGI, and strategic gameplay, Cards of Eternity redefines the digital trading card game genre with a narrative-driven experience that is as expansive as the story itself. More information about Cards of Eternity will be contained in a forthcoming announcement, including news about the availability of a beta program.

“Through One Power, services embedded in applications such as The Guide and Cards of Eternity, D1srupt1ve’s MAGICAL AI technology will make the 4.4 million words of The Wheel of Time books accessible to everyone, allowing fans to delve into the story’s magic and mystery like never before,” said Nathaniel Hunter, founder and CEO of D1srupt1ve. “But One Power will do much more than dispense facts about The Wheel of Time; it will intensify the emotional ties that bind fans to the franchise, bringing stories and characters to life in a way that is both dynamically interactive and deeply personal.”

More About True Source’s “One Power”

One Power will energize products and services from True Source and third parties with interactive features that will immerse users into the Wheel of Time universe. From the rustic charm of the Two Rivers to the splendor of The White Tower™, and from the marvels of the Age of Legends™ to the desperation of The Last Battle, One Power will elevate the journey for fans of Robert Jordan’s epic world. One Power will adapt to the unique circumstances of each user, such as age, language, and familiarity with The Wheel of Time. By harnessing these insights, products and services using One Power can serve both seasoned readers of Jordan’s books and newcomers recently introduced to the franchise through the Sony-Amazon television series and the previously announced live-action and animated movies, video games, and immersive experiences.

Through the use of cutting-edge AI technology, One Power will bring The Wheel of Time to life in exciting new ways, including:

  • Expanded Interactive Applications: Fans are in for a treat with interactive applications designed to enhance how they experience the story, including detailed, interactive maps that will allow users to traverse the expansive world of The Wheel of Time. One Power will simplify the exploration of both familiar and obscure locations within The Wheel of Time universe, empowering fans to craft original narratives that are seamlessly woven into the franchise lore.
  • Comprehensive Reference Guides: AI-enhanced reference guides will offer an invaluable resource, with meticulously detailed information on every facet of the story, from an exhaustive list of characters to intricate descriptions of various locales, diverse creatures, and significant events occurring in the 3,000 years of the story— and in a manner that is intuitive, informative, and highly accessible.
  • AI-Integrated Products and Services: One Power is designed to bring new capabilities to games, voice-activated assistants, and customized merchandise, deepening user engagement and bringing unsurpassed levels of interactivity and personalization.
  • Advanced Gaming Experiences: The AI-powered gaming promises an enriched play experience, utilizing advanced AI algorithms to create dynamic, responsive environments and interactive story creation that evolves based on user decisions, providing a gaming experience that is as informative as it is engaging, and that caters to both hardcore fans and newcomers alike. allowing users to immerse themselves in challenges and adventures that mirror those faced by the characters in The Wheel of Time.
  • Artistic Creativity: The One Power will be able to draw pictures, bringing to life the vivid imagery of the story, from the majestic landscapes to the intricate designs of Aes Sedai wardrobes. The AI service is also capable of composing stories and poetry inspired by the rich lore of The Wheel of Time.
  • Age Appropriate and Spoiler-Free Options: No matter where you are in the novels, TV shows, movies, or games, users can enable a spoiler-free experience that preserves the mystery and excitement of their Wheel of Time experience.
  • Personalized Experience: The One Power service tailors the experience to every user, storing memory of every conversation and remembering user preferences and tastes.

More About “The Guide”

The Guide cleverly disguises the vast knowledge and wizardry of the One Power beneath a friendly and captivating user interface. Through advanced AI, The Guide can take on multiple personas, ranging from an Aes Sedai, a warder, an Aiel warrior, a Darkfriend, a Myrddraal, or even Rand, Egwene, Mat, Lanfear, and other characters from the story. Each identity will come alive in one-to-one conversations as The Guide shares thoughts, history, and perspectives about The Wheel of Time world in a way that is both authentic and personal.

Drawing upon the AI resources of One Power, The Guide will provide users with in-depth insights into the franchise's characters, lore, and story arcs, while streamlining navigation through the vast world of The Wheel of Time. But The Guide is more than an always-available reference tool; it is a faithful companion who shares a love of your favorite fantasy-fiction story. Whether a die-hard fan or newcomer to The Wheel of Time, The Guide builds a personal relationship with each user, providing tailored experiences that will evolve over time.

In essence, The Guide is the ultimate Wheel of Time resource, offering limitless opportunities for exploration and engagement, while enhancing and expanding the overall brand experience. It allows users to interact with the world of The Wheel of Time at their own pace, and in their own manner, making their journey through this epic saga more personal and immersive than ever before.

About The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time has a massive global following. It is an epic story of unequaled depth and breadth. Its 14 novels use 4.4 million words to tell a story covering less than 3 years, while introducing the audience to a vast new world with more than 2,750 named characters and a rich backstory spanning a mythos of 3,000 years. The 14 novels barely scratch the surface of the immense metaverse Robert Jordan created, and will be explored in forthcoming movies, video games, and other media.

About iwot productions limited

iwot productions and its sister companies are creating immersive audience experiences using transmedia storytelling delivered on diverse media platforms, with the goal of creating a transcendent franchise centered on a globally-recognized brand— Robert Jordan’s acclaimed work of fantasy fiction, The Wheel of Time.

The principals of iwot productions, Rick Selvage and Larry Mondragon, have decades of experience in the technology industry, and serve as Executive Producers for The Wheel of Time television series, a joint production of Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios, that is distributed globally by Amazon on its Prime Video network in over 200 countries and territories. In addition, through iwot productions, Selvage and Mondragon are developing and producing live-action and animated feature films based on The Wheel of Time— Age of Legends and The White Tower.

About D1srupt1ve

D1srupt1ve stands at the forefront of transforming human-computer interaction, redefining the essence of technology as an intuitive extension of human experience. The Company is engineering a future where technology empowers individuals and businesses, with innovative solutions like the D1srupt1ve MAGICAL Platform, a multi-modal system that understands, adapts, and coexists with each user’s unique information needs. D1srupt1ve’s vision encapsulates not only creating cutting-edge, human-centric products but also ensuring security and trust in every digital interaction. Navigating a rapidly expanding digital landscape with a focus on sustainable growth and collaborative strategies, D1srupt1ve is not merely innovating; they are actively shaping a connected future where technology and human experiences merge seamlessly.

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iwot and D1srupt1ve join forces as True Source unleashes AI magic on “The Wheel of Time”®


For D1srupt1ve - Nicole Rodrigues, NRPR Group

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