Ahma & Co Announces Launch of First Postnatal Retreat at Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach

Co-founders Park and DeJesus strive to empower new mothers by enhancing postpartum care with quality support and partner-inclusive education.

DANA POINT, Calif.--()--Ahma & Co, a postnatal retreat providing holistic postpartum recovery and newborn care support for mothers in the crucial first weeks, today announced the opening of its first-ever retreat at Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Club in Dana Point, CA, set to welcome new mothers beginning March 15, 2024. Founded by CEO Esther Park, a Harvard Business School alumna hailing from the luxury industry, and COO Christina DeJesus, a seasoned executive in concierge healthcare and a family nurse practitioner, Ahma & Co aims to raise the standard of postpartum care in the United States, leveraging a successful care model from South Korea.

With over 4,000 individuals on the waitlist, the long-awaited retreat is the first of its kind in Orange County, designed to fill the critical care gap following childbirth and promote bonding in a dedicated atmosphere. Nestled on 175 acres of serene oceanside property, the Waldorf Astoria location was purposefully selected for its natural surroundings and tranquil ambiance – an ideal setting for a new family’s first getaway, supported by experts and unhindered by stress of chores or visitors in the early weeks.

Built based on feedback and research, Ahma & Co’s service is curated to support mothers and parents by demystifying postpartum recovery and newborn care, and relieving the overwhelming burdens at home, such as cooking, cleaning, and—most critically—the process of finding, vetting, and coordinating expert assistance.

Staffed with empathetic and responsive professionals ranging from doulas, newborn care specialists, lactation educators and therapists, the retreat offers unparalleled value, providing round-the-clock support in:

  • Recovery management for mother, including three nutritious meals per day and therapeutic services such as massages, sitz baths, and foot baths
  • Newborn care and partner-inclusive education, supplemented by a 24/7 Baby Lounge equipped with monitors and attended by experts
  • Parents’ Lounge stocked with snacks and furnished to facilitate sharing of experience and foster early support among new mothers
  • Overnight accommodations in a newly renovated 535 sq. ft. guest room, including daily housekeeping, access to the private beach club, full-service spa, and seaside golf and more, for a package price of $1,650 per night.

An exclusive offer for March bookings is available at $1,400 starting price per night to celebrate this monumental opening. With a minimum stay of 3 nights, Ahma & Co welcomes mothers up to 6 weeks postpartum, with opportunity to coordinate continued care past the retreat stay.

Reflecting on her journey to founding Ahma & Co, Esther Park stated, “Mothers often feel the pressure to prioritize the care of their newborn, with their recovery needs becoming secondary; they also often spend long periods in isolation with little support or guidance, which has long-term implications to their physical and mental health, and therefore that of their families. We’re proud to offer a space where maternal love and self love don’t need to be mutually exclusive.”

Christina DeJesus added, “After working with families in the hospital, joining Esther was a natural step in addressing the horrifying maternal health outcomes in the U.S. Together, we’re committed to meeting the stark care gap in the crucial early weeks of postpartum, ensuring that mothers and families are set up for success in the long term.”

The United States faces daunting maternal health statistics, with a maternal death rate three times higher than other developed countries, 20% of mothers experiencing postpartum-related mental health conditions, and 60% stopping breastfeeding earlier than planned.

“High-quality, comprehensive postpartum care should not be considered a nice-to-have or an afterthought; it's a necessity that all mothers and families deserve,” the co-founders emphasized. Currently, postpartum care is largely funded out-of-pocket. While Ahma & Co aims to gain a foothold in the market by first pursuing the luxury segment, it looks forward to a future in which high-quality and empathetic postnatal care is accessible to every mother. As the first step, the company plans to partner with local initiatives supporting single mothers and mothers of color, and work with benefits, offering detailed invoices for reimbursements. The long-term goal is to push the market toward the model seen in Korea, in which retreat stays are subsidized by the government and begin at a price point of approximately $113 per night.

Ahma & Co is more than a retreat; it’s a movement towards a future where every mother can access the care they need to thrive, in postpartum and beyond.

About Ahma & Co

Ahma & Co is dedicated to transforming postnatal care in the United States. Founded by Esther Park and Christina DeJesus, it combines luxurious accommodations with comprehensive, round-the-clock postnatal care in the crucial first weeks for an expert-supported transition into parenthood. Located at the Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach in Dana Point, CA, Ahma & Co’s first retreat service will be available beginning March 15, 2024.

To learn more or book a retreat stay, please visit ahmaandco.com.


Kymberlee Bolden


Kymberlee Bolden