Tineco Expands PURE ONE Station Lineup with New Features

Tineco PURE ONE Station series (Photo: Business Wire)

PARIS--()--Following the success of the PURE ONE Station Pet at IFA 2023, Tineco, a leader in smart cleaning solutions, is taking a new step with the PURE ONE Station series. This new series, which includes the PURE ONE Station Pet and the PURE ONE Station, offers exceptional performance and innovative design for pet owners and budget-conscious consumers. Whether you're looking to tackle pet hair or simply make cleaning your home easier, the PURE ONE Station series is for you.

Effortless Maintenance, Convenient Storage:

PURE ONE Station models are equipped with the multi-functional charging and cleaning station featuring a full-path self-cleaning design. Say goodbye to post-cleaning chores! This station automatically empties the dustbin, cleans the brushroll and filters, while quietly charging the vacuum for the next cleaning session. The self-cleaning ensures the complete capture of every speck of dust, and leaves the device spotless until the next use. In addition, the sophisticated design of the PURE ONE station combines style and practicality, fitting seamlessly into any living room.

Eliminate Dirt with ZeroTangle Technology:

Thanks to ZeroTangle technology, it's now easy to clean your home. Tineco's PURE ONE Station series models feature a ZeroTangle brush, guaranteeing effective cleaning. This feature allows the brush to vacuum up all dust and hair without clogging, directing them directly into the bin. The worry of choosing the right brush head is now obsolete, as the ZeroTangle brush adapts to all types of floors and surfaces.

Pouch Cell Technology for Exceptional Performance and Durability:

Tineco is innovating by introducing Pouch Cell technology, already present in high-end smartphones. This battery offers strong power, longer life (up to 3 times longer!), and faster charging, making PURE ONE Station models an efficient cleaning solution. The lighter weight and lower operating temperature of Pouch Cell technology also improve user safety and comfort.

PURE ONE Station Pet: The Pet Hair Expert, a Cleaning Revolution with Unmatched Power:

The PURE ONE STATION Pet reinvents pet hair cleaning with its specialized kit. Equipped with a Pet brush and an extension hose, it ensures complete cleaning performance. The Pure One Station Pet features enhanced intelligence with an LED display, offering detailed data, app connectivity, and voice monitoring for the ultimate control experience and added convenience.

In addition, it is capable of automatically adjusting the self-cleaning program according to the level of dust in the bin. The station intelligently selects one of the three self-cleaning modes (30/45/60s).

PURE ONE Station: Your Stylish Design Cleaning Hub:

The PURE ONE Station offers all the essentials for effortless cleaning in an affordable package. Experience the benefits of self-cleaning, ZeroTangle brush, and Pouch Cell battery, all at an unmatched price, for a more convenient and sophisticated everyday life.

"The PURE ONE Station series represents a decisive leap forward in the field of home cleaning convenience," said Romeo Luo, General Manager of Tineco's International Business Unit. "Thanks to its innovative features and powerful performance, we are enabling everyone to experience a simpler and smarter way to get a spotless home."

Ready to experience the future of cleaning? The PURE ONE Pet Station (€799) and the PURE ONE Station (€599) are now available for purchase on Amazon and on the Tineco online store.

About Tineco

Tineco was founded in 1998 with its first SKU as a vacuum cleaner and, in 2019, pioneered the first-ever smart vacuum. Today, the brand has innovated into a global leader offering intelligent appliances across home categories, including floor care, kitchen, and personal care. Tineco is dedicated to its brand vision of making life easier through smart technologies and consistently innovating new devices.

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