PrimisAI Unveils Premium Version of RapidGPT, Redefining Hardware Engineering

LOS GATOS, Calif.--()--PrimisAI, the leading provider of cutting-edge AI-powered hardware design automation, is thrilled to announce the release of the premium version of its revolutionary RapidGPT tool. RapidGPT empowers engineers with the ability to interact with their design and the entire EDA ecosystem with a natural language interface, significantly boosting productivity, accelerating time-to-market, and transcending traditional automation.

Through this release, PrimisAI aims to provide a comprehensive list of features that enhance the user experience, making hardware design more intuitive and efficient.

The premium version of RapidGPT, now available, includes a host of advanced features designed to enhance the hardware design experience:

  • More Accurate Answers
  • Integrated Third-Party IP Catalog with Conversational Documentation
  • AutoCheck™: Automated HDL Syntax Auditor
  • AutoFix™: AI-Based HDL Syntax Correction
  • AutoDoc™: AI-Powered Documentation and Source Code Annotation
  • Priority Access to New Features and Improvements
  • Priority Support

“RapidGPT is not just a tool; it's a game-changer for hardware engineers,” said Prof. Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon, CEO of PrimisAI. “With these new features, we are not only enhancing accuracy but providing a more intuitive and efficient design journey for our users.”

“The world has not witnessed this level of automation in the last decade,” added Dr. Naveed Sherwani, Chairman of PrimisAI. “RapidGPT is set to revolutionize hardware design, offering improvements such as enhanced accuracy, streamlined workflows, and accelerated time-to-market. This marks a significant leap forward in hardware engineering.”

PrimisAI, the premier destination for cutting-edge hardware design automation, ensures an unparalleled hardware design experience. With RapidGPT at the forefront, the company continues to revolutionize the EDA landscape, making it an indispensable tool in every engineer's toolbox. For more information about PrimisAI, please visit

About PrimisAI

PrimisAI is the premier destination for cutting-edge hardware design automation, offering engineers the ultimate companion with advanced Language-to-Code and Language-to-Verification capabilities. Our interactive AI assistant swiftly addresses complex hardware challenges across the entire design stack, from concept to Bitstream/GDSII. With on-premise deployment and an easily extendable knowledge base tailored to client-specific IPs, PrimisAI ensures an unparalleled hardware design experience.


Diana Kandah


Diana Kandah