NanoTech Materials Teams up with Tesson Roofing on Cool Roof Initiative in Arizona

Newly formed Tesson Roofing subsidiary in Arizona to focus on drastically cutting indoor temperatures for owners of large-roof commercial and industrial structures.

PHOENIX--()--To combat high indoor temperatures in record-breaking Arizona heat, NanoTech Materials, Inc., a leading provider of climate-resilient materials, today announced a joint campaign with Cool Roof Coating Systems, LLC. in the Grand Canyon State. A subsidiary of Tesson Roofing, Cool Roof Coating Systems will provide expert installation of NanoTech Cool Roof Coat to bring a durable and low-maintenance heat-resistant coating to roof restoration customers in Arizona. As a powerful alternative to capital-intensive roof replacement, NanoTech Cool Roof Coat is a highly durable elastic, polymeric roof remediation solution with unprecedented heat-rejection technology that delivers significant year-over-year savings in operating costs. Roof restoration with NanoTech Cool Roof Coat is available nationwide through certified installers.

NanoTech Cool Roof Coat redefines building heat-rejection performance by adding unusually low conductivity to high emissivity and reflectivity to keep rooftop heat out. As time and dirt accumulation degrade the effectiveness of conventional cool roof products, NanoTech Cool Roof Coat keeps rejecting heat, especially as the ambient temperature rises. Built on the heat-rejection properties of the NanoTech Insulative Ceramic Particle™, this Cool Roof Coat product cuts indoor temperatures by 25-30°F, slashing carbon emissions by 76 tons yearly in a 25,000 sq ft building. NanoTech Cool Roof Coat provides waterproofing and resistance to hail and wind, delivering up to 96% cool roof performance after ten years.

"Put simply, the heat-rejection performance of NanoTech Cool Roof Coat is so compelling that Tesson decided to form an Arizona-based company to tackle one of the hottest markets in the U.S. directly," said Brett Tesson, President at Cool Roof Coating Systems. "During my two decades in the roofing industry, NanoTech Cool Roof Coat is by far the most game-changing product for the roof restoration business because it allows us to coat, waterproof and protect, while adding unprecedented savings in HVAC cooling for our customers. While it’s great to work outdoors in Arizona at this time of year, I can’t wait until summer for our customers to call asking about where the blistering heat inside their buildings went."

Cool Roof Coating Systems, a subsidiary of Tesson Roofing & Exteriors, LLC, is on a mission to lead the way in sustainable roofing solutions by transforming traditional roofs into energy-efficient and environmentally responsible surfaces. The company works to enhance the longevity of structures while significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon footprints to create a cooler, greener future. With a parent company which has served thousands of customers nationwide, the Cool Roof Coating Systems team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to create a substantial impact in the mission it shares with NanoTech Materials. Through this collaboration, the companies aim to reduce carbon emissions by transforming traditional roofs into environmentally responsible and energy-efficient surfaces, contributing to a greener future, one roof at a time.

"NanoTech products are designed to provide extraordinary heat rejection, and the team at Tesson is among the very best in the roof restoration market, which made a joint initiative in the extreme heat and intense Arizona sun a natural fit," said Mike Francis, CEO and Founder at NanoTech Materials, Inc. "As a direct-to-installer product, we rely on collaboration with highly qualified contractors. I am delighted at the founding of Cool Roof Coating Systems to bring a new level of sustainability to Arizona. Our vision at NanoTech is to transform sustainability in the built environment, starting with one of the biggest energy drains and sources of carbon emissions, one roof at a time."

NanoTech Cool Roof Coat redefines building heat-rejection efficiency through the action of the NanoTech Insulative Ceramic Particle™, which in its undiluted state has a lower conductivity (k) than aerogels and can withstand temperatures up to 1800°C. With perfect emissivity, the NanoTech ICP absorbs heat nearly as effectively as a perfect black body. The NanoTech ICP is integrated with base matrix carriers like building materials, coatings, and substrates, giving those materials unprecedented heat conservation, rejection, or containment properties.

To learn more about NanoTech Cool Roof Coat, please visit our website. To find out how Cool Roof Coating Systems can keep the heat out of your buildings in Arizona, please schedule an appointment. Meet the NanoTech team at the 2024 International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, from February 6-8, 2024, in booth 4446.

About NanoTech Materials, Inc

NanoTech Materials, Inc. has revolutionized the science of heat control by integrating its novel Insulative Ceramic Particle into common building materials, coatings, and substrates, giving them uncommon heat conservation, rejection, or containment properties. Built on a proven innovation in the hard sciences, the Company is positioned at the intersection of high-impact sustainability, simplicity, and unprecedented value. The Company’s first-to-market product, NanoTech Cool Roof Coat, is an ISO 9001-certified cool-roof coat that has redefined building thermal efficiency by adding unusually low conductivity to high emissivity and reflectivity to keep rooftop heat out. Even as soiling and latent heat transfer undermine conventional cool roof systems, NanoTech delivers a step-function decrease in the energy required to cool structures and an equally drastic reduction in carbon emissions and building operating costs for up to 10 years. NanoTech products include heat-rejecting roof coatings for buildings and automotive applications, heat-containment fireproofing paint to protect critical infrastructure from wildfires, and specialized ceramics to control extreme heat in industrial applications. Discover what is possible with NanoTech when you can control for heat in the built environment by visiting or calling (888) 296-6266.