Ministry of Defense in the Caribbean turns to Cytek Security for its Cybersecurity Operations Center

SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica--()--Cytek Security - a leading provider of state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions, delivered by the world’s top cyber experts - has been selected to design and build a distributed Security Operations Center (SOC) for a national Ministry of Defense, including all arms of its defense forces.

Cytek will work with a leading Ministry of Defense in the Caribbean region, to evaluate its cybersecurity risk landscape, and design and implement a distributed SOC. The SOC will perform proactive threat detection, provide situational awareness and information gathering, enhance cyber command and control, and inform and alert stakeholders.

Maintaining a safe security posture requires a proactive approach to threat detection that relies on cutting edge threat intelligence and cybersecurity tools. Cytek will develop and implement a distributed SOC and develop the following capabilities:

  • Continuous surveillance monitoring and analysis of network and system activities.
  • Active scanning to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats.
  • Threat intelligence including collecting, analyzing, and sharing relevant intelligence for proactive threat detection and prevention.

As the SOC is intended to serve several different defense bodies, Cytek will ensure the integration and efficient flow of information, including infrastructure integration and the definition of processes and policies for collaboration and information sharing.

Cytek will also support the Ministry of Defense in developing self-sustained cyber awareness and knowledge, using proven methodologies for building organization-wide cyber-DNA.

Cybersecurity attacks are growing both in numbers and level of sophistication,” according to Michael Arov, EVP, Cyber Solutions and Strategy, Cytek. “High-profile organizations need to be especially vigilant as security breaches can impact human lives. We are proud to have been selected for this strategic project based on our experience with national-level and highly classified cyber defense projects to help the Ministry of Defense protect its organization and citizens.”


About Cytek Security

Cytek Security provides organizations and governments with state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions, delivered by the world’s top cyber experts. The Cytek team has an extensive track record in establishing and managing national-level and highly classified cyber defense projects, including National CERT, secure data centers, sectorial SOCs and E2E cyber solutions.

Cytek’s offerings include cybersecurity advisory and implementation, managed security services and building of cyber capability programs. Cytek’s proposition includes a unique blend of operation centers worldwide, rapid scalability, custom service design, and proprietary IP and methodologies.



Clo Davey


Clo Davey