Premium Audio Brand Master & Dynamic Launch New Era of Smart Audio Products Powered by Neurotechnology Leader Neurable Inc.

The MW75-Neuro smart headphones seamlessly integrate into everyday life while improving performance and enabling hands-free control of devices.

BOSTON--()--Neurable Inc. announces partnership with premier audio brand Master & Dynamic (M&D), and launch of the first brain-computer interface (BCI) enabled audio product, the MW75-Neuro. As a pioneer in the BCI wearable space, Neurable is turning everyday electronics into smart computing devices, featuring novel capabilities such as cognitive performance features, hands-free control of devices, and more.

This is the first time neurotechnology of this caliber will be available to the public outside of medical devices and intrusive head caps. Neurable’s AI technology has been validated by the US Air Force, built by a roster of world experts with support from top-tier advisors across Harvard, MIT, Brown, and more. The smart headphones, MW75-Neuro, usher in a new era of BCI-enabled wearable technology, seamlessly integrating into everyday life, designed to maximize cognitive performance, allow for new levels of exploration, and countless other possibilities.

“We could not think of a better brand to partner with than Master & Dynamic who excel in seamlessly blending the best of design, acoustics, and performance. Never before have we seen a BCI used in a commercial product. M&D is the team who had the vision to lead the way,” remarked Dr. Ramses Alcaide, Neurable CEO and Co-Founder.

"The greatest advancement of audio technology over the last decade has been the migration from analog to Bluetooth wireless devices. Moving now into brain sensing thrusts the industry into a new wave of innovation. We're proud to lead the charge with Neurable," commented Jonathan Levine, Founder & CEO of Master & Dynamic.

Neurable AI, built into M&D’s flagship ANC headphones, features seamlessly integrated neural sensors that measure brainwaves, further enhancing these industry-leading wireless headphones into the best in human performance. They can help you identify focus periods, recognize subtle signs of stress, and discover optimal mental well-being conditions. These novel capabilities are just the beginning, with several intriguing features already in the works for future products.

The MW75-Neuro headphones will be available for shipping in Q1 2024. There will be a limited number of each of the four initial colorways available in 2024 due to the advanced nature of the product. To find out more, go to and download Neurable’s Press Kit here.

About Neurable Inc.
Neurable is building an intelligent layer between the brain and computers. Powered by patented signal processing, developed through decades of pioneering research across leading labs and institutions, and advanced by a leading scientific and expert product team, the Neurable AI platform enables high-performance brain-computer interface in everyday devices.

Neurable has raised over $20 Million in VC funding, and has validated their technology with the US Air Force. Their products allow for a new world to exist between humans and computers, a world without limitations. Learn more about Neurable at

About Master & Dynamic
Since its launch in 2014, New York City-based premium audio brand Master & Dynamic has released a variety of award-winning audio products. With an unrelenting attention to craft and detail, Master & Dynamic has a deep passion for building beautifully crafted and technically sophisticated sound tools to help focus, inspire and transport your mind.

Designed to be modern yet timeless, Master & Dynamic products utilize only the finest materials and are engineered to last, creating the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, comfort and exceptional sound. View the entire collection at and join the conversation at @masterdynamic.


Patricia Babia


Patricia Babia