Fluree Unveils JSON-LD Database in Public Preview

  • Fluree, a new JSON-Linked-Data database, is now in public preview with extensive cloud management support
  • With over 100,000 downloads to date, Fluree’s latest version is the first operational database with native JSON-LD support for updates and query, providing the fastest path to graph for JSON developers
  • The version enables composable, decentralized data management and offers a knowledge graph database with built in policy, trust and interoperability

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.--()--Fluree, which has developed a knowledge graph database and semantic data pipeline toolset for secure and trusted data sharing, today unveiled its latest version, a new JSON-LD database which is now in public preview with extensive cloud management support.

The latest version of Fluree will focus on JSON-LD to enable composable, decentralized data management and offers a knowledge graph database with built in policy, trust and interoperability. With over 100,000 downloads to date, Fluree’s latest version marks the first cloud-based database that enables direct updates and queries in JSON-LD format.

JSON-LD’s data format simply extends JSON to enable linked data capabilities, providing a familiar pathway for developers looking to get started with linked graph data.

“Fluree provides developers with an out-of-the-box graph database purpose-built for collaboration and sharing reusable data products with shared schemas and policies,” said Brian Platz, CEO of Fluree. “The features in our latest version are particularly attractive to developers working in decentralized environments, where digital trust, data policies and semantic interoperability are paramount. We’re thrilled to work with these developers as we continue to enable more data-centric architectures for trusted, re-usable data products.”

Reports have indicated that nearly 80% of knowledge workers say parts of their data are siloed, and 68% say lack of visibility into cross-functional projects negatively impacts their work. This problem underscores the need for an interoperable solution like Fluree’s that does not compromise the integrity or security of various datasets.

Jake Parsell, Fluree's lead product engineer for their cloud offering, expressed, "Fluree's primary goal is to enable functional teams to work on data together, streamlining collaboration across the data value chain much like GitHub has achieved for code or Figma for digital product designs. Rather than relying on the traditional methods of transmitting data through passing around files or ETL processes, Fluree is empowering users to share and collaborate on operational and analytical data in one place, seamlessly."

JSON-LD offers several advantages, including simplifying the integration across data sources and accommodating evolving business requirements for machine-generated or web-based data. It broadens the utility of JSON across the entire linked data ecosystem, transforming it into a verifiable web interchange format.

Fluree can not only compose data across decentralized sources but also has a built-in semantic interoperability, allowing developers to start building with universal vocabularies and enabling “schema on read” for easy data sharing. The platform’s custom granular data access policies and built-in schema mapping also allow developers to securely share data without hard-coding custom middleware.

“For developers who are curious about getting started with knowledge graphs, Fluree offers the easiest path to start,” said Eliud Polanco, Fluree’s president. “At a time when data silos are on the rise and data integration is becoming more costly and complex, Fluree provides developers with a platform that, by default, ‘unsilos’ their data.”

Fluree plans to roll out general availability by the end of the year.

Fluree is now available as a hosted platform with an intuitive UI for data management, sharing, and development, as well as an open-source download. To learn more about Fluree’s latest version and other offerings, please visit https://flur.ee.

About Fluree

Co-founded by CEO Brian Platz and Executive Chairman Flip Filipowski, Fluree PBC is headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Fluree first launched its open source database in 2020. Fluree is pioneering a data-first technology approach with its Web3 data management platform and AI-powered data-transformation pipeline. It guarantees data integrity, facilitates secure data sharing and powers data-driven insights. The Fluree platform organizes blockchain-secured data in a scalable semantic graph database — establishing a foundational layer of trusted data for connected and secure data ecosystems. The company’s foundation is a set of W3C semantic web standards that facilitate trusted data interoperability. For more information, follow Fluree on X or LinkedIn, or visit flur.ee.


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