Living Security Announces Industry’s First Human Risk Operations Center (HROC)

Extends SOC Visibility Beyond Infrastructure and Data by Providing a Comprehensive View of Employee Behavior and Attack Surface

Living Security Unify: Human Risk Operations Center (Photo: Business Wire)

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Living Security, Inc. ("Living Security"), the global leader in Human Risk Management (HRM), announced today the industry’s first Human Risk Operations Center (HROC) fueled by Living Security’s Unify Platform.

The HROC unites Security Operations Center (SOC) Security Awareness and Training (SAT) and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) teams in pursuit of proactive Human Risk Management (HRM) by providing granular visibility into human risk and insider threats. Living Security's Unify platform powers the HROC by aggregating and correlating employee behaviors using data from your organization’s existing security tools. It offers ​​one pane of glass that provides real-time visibility into a company’s riskiest people, departments, and programs. This helps SOC and GRC teams efficiently plan next actions and measures the impact of improving policies and behaviors.

While Security Operations Centers (SOCs) continue to improve their visibility into security events across different layers of infrastructure and data, correlating disparate events to individual people or programs remains a significant challenge. Living Security’s Unify platform aggregates data and events across the cybersecurity technology stack, showing granular employee-level risk.

“Human risk is notably left out of most cyber risk conversations but often is the attack vector cybercriminals are using to gain access to companies and steal data. With the launch of the Living Security HROC, CISOs, SOC, SAT and GRC teams can now gain full visibility into their overall human attack surface and take targeted actions that tangibly reduce the risk of insider threats. This is proactive Human Risk Management,” said Ashley Rose, CEO at Living Security.

To power the HROC, Living Security’s Unify platform supports API integrations for dozens of the most popular security tools, empowering SOC and GRC teams to rapidly derive real-time insights, recommendations, and action plans that speed time to mitigation.

The HROC provides visibility around risk segments by department, role, location, and even a lens into risk specific to those with elevated access to sensitive data. Looking at risks this way provides an important context for cybersecurity organizations.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve security visibility by Identifying and correlating risk at the human level rather than the device, data, or event layer
  • Speed time to mitigation through the implementation of targeted behavior and policy actions
  • Shrink organization’s attack surface by reducing insider threats

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