Pathway Raises $5M to Expand Its AI-Powered Medical Knowledge Platform

MONTREAL--()--Pathway, the AI-driven medical knowledge platform, has secured $5 million in seed funding to advance its solutions to information overload among healthcare professionals. Pathway distills practice guidance from millions of evidence-based sources into concise summaries, helping clinicians stay up-to-date and provide efficient, high-quality care.

The seed round was led by Yamaha Motor Ventures, joined by Verge HealthTech Fund, with participation from existing investors Amplify Capital, BoxOne Ventures, and Formentera Capital. The round also received the backing of several physicians who have experienced the benefits and transformative potential of Pathway firsthand.

"Pathway is quickly establishing itself as the go-to resource for healthcare professionals who need fast, evidence-based answers to their everyday questions. We and our investors share a vision to transform how medical knowledge is organized and delivered through the power of AI," said Jonathan Hershon, CEO of Pathway. "This funding will accelerate the rollout of Pathway's technology and amplify our reach to clinicians globally."

Medical knowledge is growing at an unprecedented rate, intensifying the challenges faced by busy clinicians who must adapt to this phenomenon, all the while being asked to see more patients in less time. In response to the significant demand from its 350,000+ registered healthcare professionals, Pathway is making its clinical decision support tool open access, ensuring more professionals benefit from quality medical evidence worldwide.

Additionally, the company is unveiling Pathway AI in limited beta, its most advanced AI assistant and search tool to date, designed to help clinicians with nuanced medical queries. Pathway’s clinical AI assistant recently showcased its abilities by scoring higher than 97% of human test takers on the US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), surpassing the accuracy of MedPaLM 2, Google’s flagship medical LLM, on this benchmark.

“Pathway AI combines the efficiency of Large Language Models (LLMs) with our vast database of physician-vetted data, empowering clinicians with transparent and actionable answers in seconds,” said Dr. Louis Mullie, co-founder of Pathway. Dr. Mullie further emphasized, "We believe that medical knowledge should be open and accessible. Our mission with Pathway is to expand this access, ensuring every clinician has the tools they need to provide the best care possible."

Pathway’s focus on improving the daily experience of clinicians has made its platform the fastest-growing network of verified clinicians. With this new round of funding, Pathway will continue to improve its technology and enable more clinicians worldwide to stay current and make informed decisions for their patients.

About Pathway

Pathway is on a mission to organize the world's medical knowledge, helping clinicians stay updated and make better decisions for their patients. As a rapidly expanding medical knowledge platform, Pathway has a fast-growing community of over 350,000 verified clinicians from leading institutions. From its inception in 2020, Pathway has been harnessing physician-grade AI to facilitate the integration of the latest, high-quality evidence into clinical practice.

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