Helios Introduces Customizable Rebalancing Feature

New capabilities will give advisors greater control over trading frequency, unlock new efficiencies

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--()--Helios, pioneer of the Insourced Chief Investment Officer (ICIO) model, created to equip financial advisors with the necessary tools and support to increase scale and efficiency as well as communicate with more confidence, today announced the latest enhancement to Helios Tools. This new feature will enable advisors to customize the frequency of their quantitative models rebalancing, affording them greater control and flexibility and bridges the gap between complex, active models and the ease with which the advisor can implement them.

With this addition, advisors using Helios will gain the ability to selectively participate in scheduled rebalances of their chosen models according to their preferences. This provides advisors with an unprecedented level of control over their trading strategies, allowing them to align their asset management programs more precisely with their clients' needs and market conditions. In today's dynamic financial landscape, this new feature equips advisors to adapt quickly to market changes, capitalize on opportunities, and proactively manage risk – the advisor now has the ability to negate operational headaches, trading frequency and turnover by harnessing some of the most powerful facets of machine learning and AI, embedded in Helios Tools. Ultimately, this update supports advisors in strategically deploying systematic, quantitative strategies throughout their practice without compromising scalability.

Complementing this new capability, Helios has further improved the user experience by streamlining workflows within the Helios Tools platform. These user-centric updates not only save valuable time for advisors and their teams but also underscore Helios' deep commitment to its partnership with advisors. By providing resources that help advisors thrive and allowing them to dedicate more quality time to their clients' needs, Helios reaffirms its position as a trusted ally in the space.

“At Helios, we recognize the paramount importance of advisor-client relationships. Offering customized model rebalancing tools is just one of the ways we enable advisors to reclaim valuable time and deliver top-notch service,” said Jason Van Thiel, Managing Director of Product at Helios. “These platform updates reflect Helios' dedication to delivering a world-class asset management experience, equipping advisors to excel in their practice.”

Advisors interested in learning more about how Helios’ enhanced capabilities can unlock greater opportunities for customization and client service are encouraged to register for an upcoming webinar, scheduled for November 15th at noon ET -- Click here to register.

For more information on Helios Tools, visit https://heliosdriven.com/solutions/helios-tools/ or email corin.frost@heliosdriven.com.

About Helios

Founded in 2016, Helios Quantitative Research was created to equip Financial Advisors with new and relevant tools that drastically improve their client's asset management experience, expand their firm's margins, and challenge the old-guard legacy providers as well as the emerging robos of Silicon Valley.

The Insourced Chief Investment Officer (ICIO) role, as reimagined by Helios, is designed to allow advisors to differentiate their firm efficiently and at scale, empowering advisors with the tools and resources they need to communicate effectively no matter what’s going on in the markets, including white-labeled market updates, investment strategy summaries, monthly research reports and investment committee documentation, allowing the advisor to concentrate on what matters most, the end investor.

In a short time, Helios has grown to influence over 800 Financial Advisors who collectively manage over $30 billion.


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