SymphonyAI Announces One of the World’s First Industrial Large Language Models to Catalyze Smart Intelligent Manufacturing

One of the World’s First Industrial LLMs To Transform Industrial Systems for Enhanced Manufacturing, Reliability, and Process Optimization

SymphonyAI Industrial LLM (Graphic: Business Wire)

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--SymphonyAI, a leader in predictive and generative enterprise AI SaaS, announced it’s delivering one of the first-ever industrial large language models (LLM) focused on accelerating industrial transformation at scale.

The Industrial LLM is trained on 1.2 billion tokens using one of the world’s largest industrial datasets, comprising 3 trillion data points, more than 500,000 machine tests, 150,000 components and 80,000 different assets, to bring the power of predictive and generative AI to help industrial customers improve operational efficiency, productivity, and margins by putting contextualized information in the hands of operators for better, faster decision making. The LLM provides relevant context-aware data and delivers actionable knowledge to operators up to 90% more rapidly than their existing systems.

The Industrial LLM is hosted on Microsoft Azure and efficiently connects and contextualizes manufacturing operation information at all levels, spanning from individual assets to global multi-plant operations. The Industrial LLM is a self-contained intelligence source to address asset performance and reliability queries. Alternately, it may be integrated with downstream systems and plant data sources. Either mode supports real-time, quantifiable business outcomes while fostering the growth of industrial knowledge for a more informed and interconnected workforce. When incorporated into diverse manufacturing and maintenance processes, the Industrial LLM supports the ability to derive insights from a wide array of data, including events, sensor data, asset details, work orders, warranty information, product documentation and manuals, troubleshooting guides, reliability and maintenance reports. The Industrial LLM’s self-learning abilities adapt in real time to incoming data and actions so it can keep pace with rapidly changing operational variables.

The Industrial LLM puts meaningful context-aware data into the hands of the operator or plant manager, ensuring that even inexperienced users have access to years of domain knowledge to quickly overcome complex challenges.

“Bringing Industrial LLM to the industrial market is a significant advancement for the industry,” said Indranil Sircar, CTO, Manufacturing at Microsoft. “SymphonyAI's approach of combining the precision of industrial domain knowledge with the power of generative AI will enable manufacturers to tap into the expertise of the operator or technician and unlock never-before-seen value from their data.”

“In an industry that is traditionally siloed using point solutions, the SymphonyAI Industrial LLM is a game-changer. It serves as the foundation for a new generation of industrial applications and computational processes that push the limits of physics while fundamentally altering how plant managers, operators, reliability engineers, and quality analysts derive insights from available data and execute vital tasks,” said Prateek Kathpal, President and CEO of SymphonyAI Industrial. “We are launching a new era of intelligent manufacturing, tapping into the depth of our product portfolio and our extensive history and visibility across domains and datasets, including both machine and non-machine datasets. The Industrial LLM is trained with our world-class industrial datasets to provide essential groundwork for digital manufacturing innovators to unleash transformative AI solutions for their customers.”

The Industrial LLM is one of the first-ever industrial domain-grounded LLMs, trained on large proprietary industrial datasets and a curated knowledge base to perform specific tasks that are relevant for industrial users. The tasks include machine condition diagnostics and prescriptive recommendations, answering questions on specific fault conditions, test procedures, maintenance procedures, manufacturing processes, and industrial standards.

The Industrial LLM is initially available for private preview. Developers can sign up to build their own robust custom industrial applications through the Industrial LLM API. The Industrial LLM will be available in the Microsoft Teams AI Library and as a model in the Model Catalog in the Azure Machine Learning Studio. It is also available as a learning tool for use by universities and colleges training intelligent manufacturing talent for the future.

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