4 Years in the Making: Cut+Dry Launching the First-Ever AI Prospecting Tool for Foodservice Distributors to Increase Revenue and Customers

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Cut+Dry, a leading innovator in the foodservice industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of their groundbreaking AI Prospecting tool. This game-changing technology is designed exclusively for foodservice distributors and is a tool within their “Yes, Chef!” AI platform. This innovative technology is the result of four years of dedicated data structuring and development. It’s setting a new standard for customer prospecting and ushering in a new era of growth and efficiency for foodservice distributors.

Cut+Dry's AI Prospecting tool empowers distributors to identify and create digital proposals for potential customers at an unprecedented pace. With the ability to prospect hundreds of customers in a matter of minutes, it slashes the typical time required for this process by 90%.

How it Works: Cut+Dry's AI technology scans restaurant menus and cross-references them with the catalogs of their Distributor Partners. Sales representatives can select a specific region to search for potential customers, and Cut+Dry will automatically compile a ranked list of prospects. The list is highly targeted based on the largest opportunities. Cut+Dry also provides valuable insights on pricing strategies to maximize margins, considering factors such as customer reviews and menu price points.

This groundbreaking technology represents a paradigm shift in the foodservice industry, offering distributors the competitive edge they need to boost sales, increase revenue, enhance efficiency, and elevate their case volume.

"The launch of our AI Prospecting tool is a testament to our unwavering commitment to driving innovation and growth in the foodservice industry," said Mani Kulasooriya, CEO and Co-Founder of Cut+Dry. "We’ve been in foodservice for over a decade and understand the critical importance of in-person relationships. Our AI prospecting tool streamlines the manual, non-face-to-face aspects of prospecting, giving distributors more time to cultivate personal relationships and make sales. Our ‘Yes, Chef!’ prospecting tool would not be possible if we did not already have 4+ years of structured data to fine-tune the AI. Chat GPT is a powerful tool, but without private, structured data, it can only provide generic results. As part of this launch, we also want to thank all of our Distributor Partners who have helped us train our AI over many years."

Key features of Cut+Dry's “Yes, Chef!” AI Prospecting tool:

  • Rapidly identify hundreds of potential customers in a matter of minutes.
  • Generate highly targeted proposals with competitive pricing to maximize sales volume.
  • Reduce prospecting time by an astounding 90%, preserving valuable resources.
  • Increase sales and revenue through a more efficient customer acquisition process.

Cut+Dry's AI Prospecting tool is the first and only of its kind in the foodservice industry, representing a significant technological leap that cannot be achieved overnight. The four years of data structuring have resulted in a tool that will undoubtedly revolutionize how distributors do business.

In a highly competitive market, the ability to identify and engage potential customers swiftly is a game-changer, and Cut+Dry's “Yes, Chef!” AI Prospecting tool promises to be a catalyst for growth in the foodservice distribution sector.

For more information about Cut+Dry's AI Prospecting tool and its benefits for foodservice distributors, please visit www.cutanddry.com/ai

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