Earth AI Makes the First Greenfield Mineral Deposit Discovery Using AI

Improving in-field success rates from 1 in 200 to 1 in 8, Earth AI discovered porphyry molybdenum deposit at a fraction of the cost and time

SAN MATEO, Calif.--()--Earth AI, a high-performance explorer for clean energy metals, today announced the groundbreaking discovery of a porphyry molybdenum deposit in New South Wales, Australia, marking the first ever AI-discovered greenfield deposit. Molybdenum is a rare metal utilized in various electronics for its unique conductivity, softness, and strong thermal resistance. This discovery underscores Earth AI's commitment to accelerating the electric future by discovering untapped critical metal deposits in a drastically more cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

High molybdenum grades were confirmed in three samples analyzed by a certified laboratory. These grades, registered at 0.3%, 0.26%, and 0.135%, exceed the currently mined grades of 0.16% and 0.14% found in the world’s leading molybdenum mines, Climax and Henderson. Both of these mines are owned by Freeport McMoran.

Earth AI’s porphyry molybdenum deposit discovery showcases how the company is addressing the shortage of critical metals by making mineral exploration precise and scalable for the first time. The demand for critical metals like lithium, cobalt, and copper is skyrocketing as they are essential components of clean energy technologies enabling the transition to a renewable energy future. Simultaneously, discovery rates for these metals are at their lowest levels ever, with costs at their highest, causing a major supply gap that will continue to widen. Traditional metals exploration is costly, unreliable, and environmentally harmful, with an average 1 in 200 success rate and $100M per discovery. Earth AI’s porphyry molybdenum deposit discovery had a 1 in 8 success rate and a cost of $2M, attributed to advanced AI prediction tools that are set to revolutionize the economics of mining for energy transition metals.

"Our porphyry molybdenum deposit discovery is a huge deal for the mining industry and the quest for a net-zero economy," said Earth AI's CEO and Founder, Roman Teslyuk. “This venture showcases a significant stride toward challenging the industry's traditional norms, and we are unveiling a pathway to mineral discovery that is not only faster and more economical but also exceptionally precise.”

Made possible with the industry's most precise mineral detection technology, fundamental geology, and responsible drilling, Earth AI can move from detecting a prospect to drill-testing in just three to six months. With the industry-leading unit economics, this model scales mineral exploration, ultimately turbocharging exploration to build the electric future.

This discovery is a testament that Earth AI’s technology can find some of the rarest, most in-demand minerals much quicker, much more affordably, and in a less environmentally invasive way. Earth AI welcomes potential explorers and development companies to partake in this venture of unveiling critical mineral deposits that are quintessential for powering the electric future.

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About Earth AI

Earth AI is a high-performance explorer for clean energy metals. We turbocharge metals exploration to build the electric future.

We envision a world powered by electricity, not fuel. In order to switch to renewables, we need to massively increase our supply of critical metals like lithium, cobalt, and copper. Our team of geologists decode the mineral signatures in the planet’s subsurface to optimize metal discovery.

Earth AI discovers untapped sources of critical metal deposits at half the cost in a fraction of the time. Our AI platform leverages millions of global geological data points to find high-probability drilling sites.

From there, we deploy our world-class Modular Mining system. We’ve meticulously optimized every step in the early-stage drilling process to minimize complications and delays. Our pack-in, pack-out design leaves virtually no trace or impact on the surrounding environment. Once discovered, we partner with explorers and development companies to bring these deposits into production.

Earth AI was founded in 2016 and is proudly based in San Mateo, California with operations and active projects in Australia, a global leader in mined commodities. To learn more, please visit

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