Positive Real World Evidence of Mahana IBS Presented at the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) Annual 2023 Scientific Meeting

Large, two-year data set analyzed by Mass General Hospital demonstrates that nearly 60% of users who completed the Mahana IBS program in the real world setting reported clinically meaningful reduction in severity of IBS symptoms.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Mahana Therapeutics, a leading provider of prescription digital therapeutics, announced compelling results from the analysis presented by Mythili Pathipati, M.D. of Mass General Hospital at ACG 2023 Scientific Meeting in Vancouver on October 24, 2023 demonstrating that nearly 60% of users who completed Mahana IBS in the real world setting reported clinically meaningful reduction in severity of IBS symptoms. The analysis also concluded that use of Mahana IBS significantly improved stress as measured by the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) and highlighted key demographics for those subjects that would adhere and respond to Mahana IBS.

"The real world analysis performed by Dr. Pathipati, Dr. Staller and the Mass General Hospital team provides clear and compelling evidence that providers should consider incorporating Mahana IBS into their treatment algorithm,” said Darren Brenner, M.D., Northwestern University. “Having a new tool that’s been proven both in randomized controlled and now real world settings which can reduce pain, bloating and improve quality of life of our IBS patients across all subtypes without the risk of major side effects is truly transformative.”

The real world analysis evaluated results from 843 patients using Mahana IBS over a 2-year timeframe from August 2021 to August 2023. In addition to evaluating IBS symptom severity and anxiety, the real world analysis assessed factors associated with adherence and response to Mahana IBS.

“As someone living with IBS, this substantial Real World Evidence reinforcing effectiveness of Mahana IBS is an exciting development. It gives patients struggling with IBS the confidence and hope that Mahana IBS is a credible treatment option that can help them achieve better control of their symptoms and improve their overall quality of life, which will support further patient adoption and access,” said Jeffrey Roberts, Founder of World IBS Day and IBS Patient Support Group.

Key results from the Real World Analysis include:

  • 38% (n=324) of subjects were adherent as defined by completion of the first five sessions of the program.
  • 48% (n=156) of adherent subjects achieved a clinically meaningful reduction in symptoms within the first 5 sessions of the program.
  • 60% (n=95) of subjects completing all 10 sessions of the program achieved a clinically meaningful reduction in symptom severity.
  • Statistically significant reductions in pain, bloating and IBS interference and improvements in bowel satisfaction were observed (p<0.001).
  • Multivariate regression analysis revealed that higher baseline IBS-SSS symptom severity and lower PSS severity predicted response (p<0.01).
  • Multivariate regression revealed that patients who were older (median age 45 vs. 39; p<0.04), received a prescription from their provider (71% vs. 54%; p<0.01) and paid for their prescription (53% vs. 31%; p<0.01) were more likely to complete at least 5 sessions of Mahana IBS.

A virtual symposium entitled, “Beyond Research: Bridging the Gap with Real World Results for Prescription Digital Therapeutics in IBS,” moderated by Kyle Staller, M.D., and featuring Mythili Pathipati, M.D., Elyse Thakur, Ph.D. Psych, and Asma Kapra, M.D. is scheduled for November 3, 2023 at 12 PM ET to present these findings and discuss the real world implications of the use of Mahana IBS. To register visit: https://events.zoom.us/ev/As2bbXxSIKrdgIXLTLnqwNk-YH4Wf7NestLEOgcAqGpOBIjfPkd2~AjjifQanLezFQl_tuXHJOTSBQFLCJrJNlV02H8dfEkhOFLqMbywhCFRO6Q

About Mahana Therapeutics

Mahana Therapeutics is a leading developer of prescription digital therapeutics that are designed to empower patients with chronic conditions to live fuller lives. The company’s first product, Mahana IBS, was the first digital therapeutic to receive FDA clearance for the treatment of IBS and provides cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to adults with IBS. More information is available at www.mahana.com.