A Surging Epidemic: Metabolic Disease Rates Soar in Middle America – PreventScripts Secures $1.5 Million Funding to Arm Physicians with New Tools

PADUCAH, Ky.--()--Recent data unveils a staggering truth: metabolic diseases have skyrocketed in middle America, with an alarming percentage of the population now at risk. But where challenges arise, innovation follows. Today, PreventScripts, an innovator in preventive health physician and patient digital tools, announces its successful closure of a $1.5 million funding round, aiming to combat this escalating health crisis. Keyhorse Capital and iSelect Fund led the funding round with significant participation from a select cohort of angel investors.

"PreventScripts isn't just another tech solution; it's a necessary response to a pressing public health challenge,” said Kelby Price, Managing Partner at Keyhorse Capital, a part of Kentucky’s ‘KY Innovation’ initiative. “We believe in their vision and support their journey to create meaningful change."

Tom Bunn, Principal at iSelect Fund, said: “We were attracted to PreventScripts for its leadership in the battle against metabolic diseases, one of the core issues we work to address, and its quality leadership team of Brandi Harless, Jay Campbell and Dr. Natalie Davis.”

This new influx of capital will accelerate PreventScripts' growth into its core markets, including Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, where metabolic diseases are prolific.

"It's undeniable that we're facing a healthcare tsunami in the form of metabolic diseases and diabetes,” said PreventScripts CEO Brandi Harless. “At the same time, primary care providers are burned out and patients aren’t focused on prevention. PreventScripts is the preventive health platform that reconnects providers to their calling and motivates patients to go from uninspired to active and healthy. Through our science-backed digital tool that assesses and monitors at-risk patients, we encourage behavioral changes while offering reimbursable tools providers want and patients need.”

About PreventScripts

PreventScripts is at the vanguard of healthcare innovation, offering physicians cutting-edge tools to empower patients in their health journeys. It is redefining patient self-care and physician support through insurance-covered platforms and alignment with top-tier health recommendations. PreventScripts offers a groundbreaking platform, providing tools for physicians to extend to patients covered by insurance, enabling them to self-monitor their health through a dedicated health behavior change app.

This app is not only enriched with content and recommendations from ADA, AHA, and the Diabetes Prevention Program but delivers information in a way that helps patients put the guidance into practice immediately. Moreover, it integrates biometric education, adhering to both AAP adolescent and AFP adolescent/adult guidelines, ensuring optimal monitoring of Blood Pressure, Weight, Blood Sugar, and BMI. Beyond offering this revolutionary app, PreventScripts tailors its service line to sync seamlessly with a provider’s specific clinic workflow. For more information, visit https://preventscripts.com/.


Tracy Williams