Carta Healthcare survey results indicate that education around AI may improve consumer trust

Despite the fact that 100% of US healthcare patients are touched by AI, only 38% trust it

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Carta Healthcare®, a company whose mission is to improve patient care by harnessing the value of clinical data, today announced the results of a survey measuring American perception and trust of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Propeller Insights conducted the online survey of 1,027 U.S. consumers between August 18 and August 29, 2023.

The survey finds that on average, three out of four Americans do not trust AI in a healthcare setting. Nearly four out of five patients in the U.S. report not knowing if their provider is using AI; in reality, 100% of healthcare providers are using AI, and have been for a long time. This discrepancy illustrates the public’s misperception of the use of this technology, which is made evident by the 43% of respondents who admit there are limitations in their understanding of AI.

“The survey indicates that Americans are uncertain about AI in healthcare, and that the healthcare industry needs to educate Americans about the benefits of AI to improve trust and comfort with its use,” said Matt Hollingsworth, CEO, Carta Healthcare. “AI can help providers improve patient care and outcomes, but it will best succeed if patients understand that it’s used as an assistive tool, not as a replacement for human interpretation and decisions.”

Most Americans are unaware of AI use and consider disclosure important.

While most respondents don’t know whether their healthcare providers use AI, they are torn about whether they would be comfortable with it – 49% say yes and 51% say no – even if it would help improve diagnostic accuracy (51% say yes, 42% say no). Regardless of actual usage, there is still disbelief and concern. Sixty-one percent trust that their provider would be able to use it properly, while another 63% are worried that the use of AI may lead to less face time with their healthcare provider.

Patients need disclosure; the vast majority (80%) report that their knowledge of AI use within a practice is important for improving their comfort.

Trust in AI is low, but Americans are willing to learn more, and education could improve trust.

The survey also indicates low sentiment from healthcare consumers in terms of trusting and understanding AI. Only around one-third of Americans trust AI (38%), and under two-thirds (57%) feel they have a good understanding of AI and how it’s used in healthcare. However, Americans are open to learning more and indicate that may improve their level of trust and comfort. Forty-seven percent feel that if they were to learn about it, they would be more likely to trust it. Nearly two-thirds (65%) reported that if they were to have an explanation of the use in AI from their healthcare providers, it would make them more comfortable with its use.

Three-fifths believe that AI could be useful to assist with the shortage of healthcare workers.

An infographic showcasing US consumers’ sentiments on various topics related to healthcare, including AI, patient experience and data privacy can be found HERE.

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Carta Healthcare announces the results of a survey measuring American perception and trust of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare.


Media contact
Grace Gervais