EIN and Valley CAN Team Up to Facilitate Donation of 27 Hydrogen EVs to LA Families and Nonprofits

LOS ANGELES--()--Energy Independence Now (EIN), the Los Angeles-based environmental nonprofit behind the DriveH2 initiative, and Valley Clean Air Now (Valley CAN) have joined forces to facilitate the donation of 27 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and free fuel to local residents and community based organizations.

To promote clean transportation and environmental justice, EIN partnered with Valley CAN, Toyota and an alliance of community organizations (including Think Watts Foundation, Acceler8, Know Your Rights Camp, Boys & Girls Clubs of the LA Harbor, Social Justice Learning Institute, and Strength Based Community Change). Together, the group identified 25 local families, primarily from marginalized communities, along with two additional non-profit organizations, to receive the FCEVs.

The initiative is an extension of EIN's ‘DriveH2’ public service campaign and Valley CAN’s ‘Mirai4All’ program. The 27 recipients received pre-owned Toyota Mirai FCEVs at zero cost along with a pre-paid fuel card and 30-month warranty and maintenance package.

FCEVs offer unique advantages such as rapid refueling, long range and communal access to zero-emission fueling infrastructure, which are crucial in California's ambitious plan to transition to 100% zero-emission new car sales by 2035.

“We’re delighted to facilitate the donation of these FCEVs to local families,” said Brian Goldstein, Executive Director of EIN. “California simply cannot achieve its environmental goals with batteries alone because not everyone has access to a charger or even a consistent parking spot, much less the free time to wait around at public charging locations. So, we teamed with Valley CAN and Toyota to raise awareness about zero emission hydrogen EVs by sending them directly to the communities impacted most by air pollution and climate change.”

The program previously made FCEV donations to nonprofits including the American Red Cross, Petersen Automotive Museum, Social Justice Learning Institute, ThinkWatts LA, Via Care and After-School All-Stars.

Learn more at www.driveh2.org, or follow EIN’s story and updates across all social media platforms at @DriveH2.

About EIN and the DriveH2 Campaign

DriveH2 is a public service initiative by Energy Independence Now (EIN), the only environmental nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and renewable hydrogen infrastructure for transportation, renewable energy storage and deep decarbonization. The organization engages in comprehensive research, policy advocacy and public outreach to promote the widespread adoption of a diverse zero emissions portfolio.

About Valley CAN

Valley CAN is a public charity committed to quantifiably reducing air emissions in California’s San Joaquin Valley, the region with the worst air quality in the United States. The organization seeks to improve public health and quality of life in disadvantaged communities by qualifying low-income residents for multiple incentive-based programs. Valley CAN primarily focuses on vehicle repair and replacement programs, which aim to reduce air pollution, address climate issues, and reduce transportation costs.

Note to Media: Photos and video footage of donations available upon request.


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