January AI Makes Its Digital Twin Technology Available to Food Industry R&D

MENLO PARK, Calif.--()--January AI, a tech pioneer deploying generative AI to address the metabolic health crisis, announces today from the HLTH 2023 (Earth Stage, 2:50 p.m. PT) conference the availability of its digital twin technology to leading food companies committed to revolutionizing product development.

How it Works

January AI uses continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) in combination with generative artificial intelligence and the largest food database of more than 32 million foods to help consumers make decisions about what to eat, including predictions about how they might react to different foods before they eat them. January harnesses the power of wearables, such as continuous heart rate and glucose monitors, to understand and optimize the body’s metabolic responses. January enables intermittent CGM use and leverages digital twins to deliver personalized health insights, such as when to eat, exercise, and sleep.

Rather than having to eat something to see its impact, members who have created a digital twin with January AI’s technology can feed it to their twin to see a food’s impact on their blood sugar.

Working with the Food Industry

Several major food companies are exploring the ways in which artificial intelligence can be used to create specialized nutritious food for specific populations.

Nestlé is one of the food brands to leverage January AI’s digital twin technology as parts of its research and development efforts to explore the potential of artificial intelligence to be used during product innovation, and in catering to the unique requirements of specific populations, such as personalized nutrition.

With access to a wide user base, including individuals with diabetes, pre-diabetes, and healthy metabolisms, companies leveraging January AI’s technology can observe and analyze the reactions of diverse populations to different foods.

By utilizing digital twins, January AI aims to help the food industry scale the optimization processes previously achieved by a few companies in collaboration with the American Diabetes Association for thousands, if not millions, of food SKUs. This innovative approach holds the potential to improve not only the glycemic response of foods but also their taste and texture.

“Our digital twin technology gives food companies an additional level of intelligence beyond what they already employ in their product development process,” said Noosheen Hashemi, CEO of January AI. “We’re able to help them see how people with diabetes or prediabetes would do on their various foods and decide how to reformulate their foods to be healthier for the population. This allows for virtual product development and optimization before any costly lab work is undertaken.”

For more information about how companies can utilize January AI’s digital twin technology, head to january.ai.

About January AI

Founded in 2017, by veteran business executive, Noosheen Hashemi, and Director of Genomics and Personalized Medicine at Stanford University, Dr. Michael Snyder, the co-founders teamed up to explore an ambitious premise: help the world eat smarter to effectively end lifestyle-related diseases. They founded January AI, a unified metabolic health platform integrating an AI-powered mobile app and Eden’s 3-in-1 synbiotic nutraceutical. The wearable CGM & AI-powered app predicts how your body will respond to 32MM foods before you eat, so you can compare foods, test choices, and make better meal decisions, even when you’re not wearing a CGM; Eden’s dials your diet further by nourishing your microbiome and optimizing your cardiometabolic health -- in fact Eden’s lowered glucose spikes by 31% with a 42% quicker glucose recovery after 28 days. Together, January and Eden’s are a combination of technology and science that promises ultimate precision nutrition for everyone.

Together, their mission is to offer a complete health solution and increase the healthspan of the world, enabling everyone to live longer, healthier lives free from diseases.

Learn more at www.january.ai and www.edens.january.ai


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