Komagene: Iconic Street Food Sensation Cig Kofte Conquers European Palates, Emerges as a Rival to Doner

Cig kofte is a major competitor to doner in Europe,” states Chairman of the Board of Komagene.

Iconic street food sensation cig kofte conquers European palates, emerges as a rival to doner (Photo: Business Wire)

PARIS--()--Cig kofte, the 4000-year-old culinary gem, originating from Anatolia and translating as “raw meatballs” to English, is challenging the dominance of doner in the European street food scene. With the rising popularity of street flavours and vegan consumption in Europe, the vegan version of cig kofte, rich in fibre, is seeing a surge in consumer preference and is especially finding favour with Europeans seeking delicious, healthy, green, and plant-based food options.

Europe is home to over 500 establishments specializing in this iconic dish, with Germany housing a majority. “Cig kofte is a major competitor to doner in Europe,” states Mevlüt Ceyhun Tekdemir, Chairman of the Board of Komagene. European entrepreneurs, particularly Turks, have expressed growing interest in opening cig kofte establishments, leveraging its appeal as a natural, herbal, and fibrous food option.

Delicious, nutrient-rich, and affordable food

The cig kofte from Komagene is prepared to exceptionally high standards. Bulgur, ground in stone mills, is mixed with renowned isot from Kahramanmaraş and 21 other spices, augmented with walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts. Komagene Flavour Base utilizes advanced technology to knead cig kofte to traditional taste and consistency, offering a meat-free alternative that resonates with vegan dieters globally.

Semiha Demiral, Deputy General Manager of Komagene, emphasized their position as a globally recognized brand. “Initially favoured by immigrants familiar with this flavour, cig kofte is no longer a cultural and ethnic taste. It’s an affordable and satisfying flavour that has penetrated the eating habits of Europeans,” states Demiral.

Komagene ranked Turkiyes foremost fast-food brand by the Ekonomist

Komagene, heralded as Turkiye’s number one fast-food brand by the Turkish Ekonomist magazine, has nearly 2,500 branches worldwide and continues to expand its European presence. The brand, acclaimed for its adherence to quality and healthy production principles, is also accredited by several independent organizations and holds food certificates like GFSI-approved BRGC, IFS, FSSC 22000.

Komagene will showcase Turkish cuisine at ANUGA in Germany, from 7-11 October. The world’s largest food fair is a convergence of around 10 thousand food giants, and Komagene aims to spice up the event with its sumptuous flavours. This participation will also facilitate discussions with potential business partners regarding franchise investments.


Müslim Terzi, franchise.europe@komagene.com

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Iconic street food sensation cig kofte conquers European palates, emerges as a rival to doner


Müslim Terzi, franchise.europe@komagene.com