Carvana Adopts Texas DMV E-Odometer System, Further Streamlining the Car Buying Experience

Carvana applauds TxDMV for implementing tools that eliminate unnecessary paperwork and save time for customers

Carvana applauds TxDMV for implementing tools that eliminate unnecessary paperwork and save time for customers (Photo: Business Wire)

PHOENIX--()--Carvana (NYSE: CVNA), the industry pioneer for buying and selling used cars online, announced today that it has adopted a Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) tool designed to make the car buying process more efficient. The feature is known as the electronic odometer and sales disclosure (“e-odometer”) process and is available through the TxDMV’s innovative webDEALER system. Leveraging the e-odometer feature has helped Carvana successfully eliminate unnecessary paperwork and further streamline the car buying experience for Texas customers.

Carvana is currently the largest automotive dealer to adopt the e-odometer process in the Lone Star State and is helping lead the way in modernizing car buying and selling by working closely with state agencies, including TxDMV. This system allows customers to complete their purchases entirely online and eliminates the need for paperwork review by state officials and agents.

“Texas’s e-odometer process is a great example of how simple technology tools can bring significant speed, efficiency, and reliability benefits to traditional DMV processes," said Senior Government Affairs Manager at Carvana, Tony Hall. “Since we implemented Texas DMV’s e-odometer system, Carvana has reduced paperwork errors and processing times all while providing an even better customer experience. We applaud TxDMV for their commitment to innovation and will continue to work with other states to promote similar customer-friendly processes across the country.”

With the e-odometer feature in place, select shoppers who pick up or have their vehicle delivered in Texas can browse Carvana's extensive inventory online from the comfort of home, select their desired vehicle, and complete the purchase with just a few clicks. The necessary paperwork for title transfers, registrations, and vehicle inspections, are all processed electronically, ensuring a seamless transaction after the purchase is complete.

Carvana has been operating in Texas since 2015, helping nearly 200,000 Texans find their dream car. The company will continue partnering with the TxDMV and DMVs nationwide to modernize the car buying process for the benefit of consumers, state agencies, and all industry participants.

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