Design House and Make It Possible Partner to Expand Digital Retail Marketing in Europe

Partnership optimizes loyalty programs for supermarkets, e-commerce platforms and European brands

BARCELONA, Spain--()--Ideal™ by Design House, a pioneering company revolutionizing the digital circular industry, announces a strategic partnership with Make it Possible, an innovative enterprise led by industry veteran Sergi Quinto. The new collaboration will elevate customer experience for grocers and retailers in the European marketing area through cutting-edge retail media marketing solutions.

Make it Possible, under Quinto’s guidance, has been actively precipitating strategic alliances in Europe. With a focus on developing and monetizing loyalty programs for supermarkets, banks, e-commerce platforms and publishers, Make it Possible has consistently delivered groundbreaking retail media strategies.

Ideal by Design House is transforming the digital circular industry with its leading-edge platform. Ideal seamlessly integrates dynamic and loyalty card-personalized digital circulars with an intelligent distribution system that engages retailers’ customers and their competitors’ customers alike. Advanced analytics measure store traffic driven from the digital circular, computing cost per visit, allowing retailers to accurately calculate ROI on digital marketing programs. Ideal powers an immersive retail media network CPG investment in the digital circular platform.

Ideal’s Lilliam Montiel has relocated to Spain and is collaborating with Quinto to develop the European market. Since 2020, Montiel has lead Ideal’s South American retail sales and IT development teams. A graduate of Minnesota State University, USA, Monteil has a degree in Business Administration.

“This powerful partnership between Make it Possible and Ideal promises to bring unprecedented value to retailers and brands in the European market,” said David Gordon, President of Ideal by Design House.

Sergi Quinto of Make it Possible stated, “Every month, millions of euros are invested in discounts on retail leaflets, and now, for the first time in Europe, we will be able to personalize them through integration with loyalty cards and digitally advertise them.”

About Make it Possible

Make it Possible is an innovative enterprise at the forefront of retail media marketing, led by industry expert Sergi Quinto. With a distinguished career in Retail Media and a history of spearheading notable initiatives, Quinto brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Make it Possible partners with retailers and brands to maximize their potential in the retail media landscape.

About Ideal™ by Design House

Ideal™ by Design House is revolutionizing the digital circular industry by elevating customer experience for grocers and retailers. Their leading-edge Ideal™ platform integrates dynamic digital circulars with an intelligent, omni-channel distribution system that engages retailers’ customers and their competitors’ customers. Advanced analytics measure store traffic driven from the circular and computes cost per visit to accurately demonstrate ROI on retailers’ marketing programs. Ideal by Design House’s immersive retail media network provide CPGs the ability to find their target audience, serve off-platform co-branded programmatic media, develop on-platform top brand block position with rich content, and analyze detailed results from initial impression to sales lift. Learn more at DesignHouse.Design.


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Sergi Quinto,