REGENESIS Introduces FluxTracer Flux Mapping Tool for CVOCS and PFAS - a Precise Measurement Tool for Groundwater Mass Flux and Velocity

R&D Scientists, Joshua Moreno and Dr. Yen Ling, in the REGENESIS lab hold a FluxTracer unit. (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif.--()--REGENESIS®, the recognized leader in soil and groundwater remediation solutions and vapor intrusion mitigation technologies is proud to announce the FluxTracer® Flux Mapping Tool is now available for both Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds (CVOCs) and PFAS contaminants using DEXSORB® for PFAS. Intended for use on a range of contaminated sites where groundwater remediation is necessary, FluxTracers are employed to precisely determine mass flux and groundwater velocity.

Vertically delineating mass flux and groundwater velocity aids environmental professionals in better characterizing contaminated sites and improving overall remedial designs and the accuracy of their amendment placement. Conventional pump and slug test methods give a single value for groundwater velocity whereas passive tools like FluxTracer are designed to distinguish individual vertical zones within an aquifer. This highly accurate level of resolution is especially useful for improving remediation design.

Provided pre-assembled, FluxTracers are ready to deploy with no on-site disassembly or sampling required. Once removed from the well, the FluxTracer devices are simply repackaged into the provided sleeves and returned to REGENESIS for analysis. An accurate vertical profile of contaminant mass flux and groundwater Darcy flux (velocity) is generated, and the results are provided in a thorough report back to the environmental client.

Director of Research and Development, Paul Erickson, Ph.D. explains, “The generated data provides remedial designers with important information on the flux zones within the aquifer, which ultimately aids in improving the results of their remediation efforts.” Erickson continues, “Working with our environmental clients and REGENESIS Remediation Services, we realized there was an opportunity to improve on the sampling process and focused on creating a more effective tool offering improved accuracy and ease of use in the field. With the growing focus on PFAS, we developed a FluxTracer that incorporates Cyclopure's DEXSORB®. DEXSORB’s selectivity for PFAS and quantitative desorption makes it a highly effective media for passive sampling, a point backed by the research of Cyclopure, REGENESIS and other research groups.”

“Cyclopure is excited to partner with REGENESIS on FluxTracer using DEXSORB for PFAS. Pairing DEXSORB with FluxTracer Technology allows REGENESIS to offer a highly advanced groundwater measurement tool to the industry,” commented Frank Cassou, CEO of Cyclopure® the maker of DEXSORB.

“Our focus as an organization is to always continue to innovate and improve remedial outcomes – whether it is a remedial amendment or in this case a more accurate measurement tool. FluxTracer is a perfect example of this. The team saw a need to better understand and delineate mass flux and velocity and hoped to make the process seamless and more user-friendly and I think that we have achieved both those goals with FluxTracer,” states Scott Wilson, REGENESIS President and CEO.

ABOUT REGENESIS and LAND SCIENCE: Founded in 1994, REGENESIS is an expert provider of in situ soil, groundwater and vapor intrusion remediation products and services. Land Science, a division of REGENESIS, offers a full line of vapor intrusion mitigation technologies and is the safe and effective choice for leading engineering, construction and environmental consulting firms serving a broad range of clients, including developers, insurance companies, manufacturers, municipalities, regulatory agencies and federal, state, and local governments.

ABOUT CYCLOPURE: Cyclopure is a materials science and environmental engineering firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company has developed a cyclodextrin adsorbent (DEXSORB®) for removal of PFAS, which features multi-use regeneration and the ability to capture and recover PFAS waste for a sustainable and turnkey PFAS treatment solution. DEXSORB is being commercialized for multiple PFAS related uses, including (i) environmental monitoring, (ii) residential filtration, and (iii) municipal + industrial treatment systems.

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