Kernel Launches Observational Study Using Flow2 Neuroimaging Technology to Identify Biomarkers of Depression Treatment Response

LOS ANGELES--()--Kernel, an innovator in non-invasive neuroimaging technology, announces the first patient has been measured in an observational study of depression treatments using Kernel’s revolutionary Flow2 neuroimaging technology. The initial launch sites include Kadima Neuropsychiatry Institute, Bespoke Treatment, and ATP Clinical Research. The study utilizes Flow2 to measure patients as they undergo treatment, paving the way to transform how depression is treated with patient-specific biomarkers.

Depression affects nearly 300 million individuals worldwide and does not have a universally effective treatment. The US economic burden as a result of depression is over $240B annually and new fast-acting treatments are actively being developed. The current study uses Flow2, Kernel’s scalable and user-friendly neuroimaging technology, to identify brain-based biomarkers that can guide treatment selection. This study aims to recruit over 200 individuals who are initiating new treatments for depression, which will establish the foundation needed to advance our predictive biomarker developments and improve patient outcomes.

“We are excited to use Flow2 in partnership with Kadima, Bespoke, and ATP in this groundbreaking endeavor,” said Ryan Field, CEO of Kernel. “Our collaboration is the first step to building biomarkers for selecting the best depression treatment for an individual. At Kernel, we have been building the tools to enable precision neuromedicine and this is just one of the first exciting applications of our efforts.”

“Kadima is proud to partner with Kernel in this study using Flow2 neuroimaging technology,” stated David Feifel, MD, PhD, President of Kadima. “This study has the potential to shift the current paradigm of depression treatment which aligns it nicely with our mission to provide cutting-edge, personalized treatments for mental illness and to advance the development of innovative treatments.”

Founder/CEO Ben Spielberg commented, “At Bespoke Treatment, we provide human-centered healthcare, offering personalized and long-term results. Participating in this study with Kernel and utilizing their Flow2 neuroimaging technology allows us to push the boundaries of innovation in depression treatment. We're excited to contribute to the identification of biomarkers that will revolutionize how we approach and optimize patient care.”

Dr Gustavo Alva, Medical Director of ATP Clinical Research, remarked, “[We are] committed to transforming the clinical research industry. Our collaboration with Kernel in this Depression Treatment Response Study, utilizing Flow2 neuroimaging technology, exemplifies our goal to drive innovation and revolutionize depression treatment strategies.”

The collaborative efforts of Kernel, Kadima, Bespoke, and Clinnova exemplify the commitment to improving patient care through the use of cutting edge technology. The data collected through this partnership by Flow2 and analyzed by Kernel's deep learning algorithms are poised to drive innovation and bring us closer to a future where depression treatment is personalized, efficient, and effective.

About Kernel: Kernel is a leader in non-invasive neuroimaging technology and analysis approaches. With a focus on scalability, ease of use, and maintaining research-grade data quality, Kernel is dedicated to building robust brain-based biomarkers that drive precision neuromedicine.

About Kadima Neuropsychiatry Institute: Kadima is a leading treatment and research clinic dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatment options for individuals with mental illness. Their commitment to advancing research and improving patient outcomes makes them an invaluable partner in this study.

About Bespoke Treatment: Bespoke is a renowned mental health clinic known for its personalized treatment approaches. By participating in this study, Bespoke further demonstrates its commitment to leveraging innovation to optimize depression treatment outcomes.

About ATP Clinical Research: ATP is a leading clinical research institution specializing in mental health studies. Their expertise in study design, data analysis, and patient recruitment is instrumental in ensuring the success and scientific rigor of this study.


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