Spotnana First To Build International SOS Integration For Managing Duty of Care Across Multiple Airline Content Channels

Announces ability for corporations to sync changes to traveler locations with International SOS in real-time for both EDIFACT and NDC bookings

NEW YORK--()--Spotnana, the world’s first Travel-as-a-Service platform modernizing the infrastructure of the travel industry, announced a new integration with International SOS, the world’s leading medical and security services company. Spotnana has built a comprehensive integration with International SOS that supports both NDC and EDIFACT bookings, exchanges, and cancellations ensuring that companies are able to track and reach their travelers via International SOS at all times.

The integration enables Spotnana to pass all booking data and subsequent trip modifications to International SOS in real-time as a digital travel record. As a result, travel administrators can rest assured that they always have the most up-to-date information about the location of their travelers to keep them safe and comply with all duty of care requirements.

“Keeping travelers safe while they’re on the road is critically important, and this requires knowing their location with accuracy at all times,” said Johnny Thorsen, VP of Partnerships at Spotnana. “Companies shouldn’t be limited in locating their travelers by booking source. Our next-generation, modern infrastructure ensures that companies can reliably track their travelers at all times no matter the content source and regardless of whether changes and cancellations are made before or during the trip by the traveler or the TMC agent.”

Through its modern architecture, Spotnana has eliminated the need for PNR comments for order management and is able to provide International SOS with a consistent, accurate, and real-time data feed for NDC exchanges. Spotnana’s flexible, open System of Record provides a consistent way to manage data around all aspects of a trip booked through any channel, including searches, bookings, exchanges, cancellations, servicing, and analytics for NDC fares.

“Spotnana is the first company to provide us with NDC bookings that reflect the original booking, plus changes and cancellations in a comprehensive data feed and ensures International SOS clients have timely and accurate data to support traveler locations across both EDIFACT and NDC bookings,” said Jarrett Michau, CEO, Americas Assistance at International SOS. “In addition to supporting self-service exchanges and cancellations for NDC bookings, Spotnana’s modern architecture makes it easy for the entire travel ecosystem to access and act on booking data.”

This new integration is the latest example of how Spotnana’s modern architecture enables all parts of the travel ecosystem to work together seamlessly and accelerate the adoption of new innovations.

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