Aimably Upends Entrenched Views of Fixed Infrastructure Costs With New Cloud Investor Solutions

The company today launches an AI-backed cloud financial analysis package, challenging the belief that public cloud cost levers are too complicated to be fully understood by operators and investors.

The Aimably Public Cloud Diligence Report is a service of Cloud Investor Solutions. It provides investors with a standardized lens with which to compare new acquisitions to current holdings, and develop an early value creation thesis. (Graphic: Business Wire)

OXNARD, Calif.--()--Aimably, Inc. has unveiled its Cloud Investor Solutions package of software and services that reduces technology investor deal risk and optimizes exit value by accurately managing the cloud financial position of any cloud-powered business. The suite includes a standardized window into public cloud financial operations, identifies appropriate cost reduction targets, and delivers detailed ongoing GAAP-compliant financial reporting directly to the office of the CFO.

The company’s rapid-evaluation diligence solution uses proprietary AI methodologies to offer public cloud investor analysis in 24 hours. The advanced cost reduction program has averaged 35% monthly savings on Amazon Web Services spending alone.

The company’s new Cloud Investor Solutions package offers a transformation-informed approach to fast-track gross margin and operating margin increases in cloud-powered portfolio companies. Understanding this impact, Bessemer Venture Partners highlighted Aimably in the State of the Cloud 2023 report as a key profitability tool for SaaS businesses.

“The public cloud is unilaterally managed by technical teams using technical tools, blinding business leadership to cloud cost levers,” said Claire Milligan, co-founder and CEO of Aimably. “Our tools catalyze strategic transformation by breaking down the final barrier to comprehensive P&L understanding.”

“Better management of public cloud can create significant value immediately, especially since cloud costs are the second largest cost driver after personnel at software-based organizations,” said Matt Van Itallie, founder and CEO of Sema, the leading provider of comprehensive tech scans for private equity. “Aimably’s ability to understand and drive improvements in configuration, contract selection, and cost allocation has been extremely impactful for our clients and incredibly easy for Sema to deploy.”

Aimably is prioritizing the distribution of Cloud Investor Solutions through trusted partnerships, with customers of Sema able to purchase Cloud Investor Solutions immediately.

About Aimably

Founded in 2020 by a team of operators experienced in transforming companies under private equity ownership, Aimably’s products and services alleviate the interpersonal tensions and operational complexities of technology-driven businesses by performing mission-critical tasks in the cloud financial lifecycle. Aimably’s solutions address the cloud financial challenges of small to enterprise software businesses, averaging 27% annual savings in all sectors.


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Aimably launches an AI-backed cloud financial analysis suite for investors, proving cloud costs are not too complicated to be used in value creation.

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Claire Milligan
+1 (888) 743-1792