LegitScript Acquires Fluxguard, the Leader in AI-Powered Website Change Detection

Fluxguard’s AI-Powered website change detection and monitoring capabilities will help LegitScript clients better manage internal and third-party risks, gain valuable regulatory intelligence, and prevent brand-damaging external threats.

PORTLAND, Ore.--()--LegitScript, the leader in merchant and product certification and monitoring in the advertising, e-commerce, and payment sectors, today announced it has acquired Fluxguard, the leader in AI-powered website change detection and monitoring for global risk and compliance teams.

Originally launched in 2018, Fluxguard uses artificial intelligence to deliver website change detection and monitoring at scale and with extreme precision. Fluxguard’s advanced technology automatically detects new and deleted content on any web property, including those that require complex multi-step sequences or interactions. Hundreds of risk and compliance teams across the globe rely on Fluxguard to surface leaks, errors, defacement, and compliance risk; automate competitive and regulatory intelligence; and monitor and validate partner integrations.

According to KPMG’s Third-Party Risk Management Outlook report, businesses are spending more than $300B dealing with regulatory change and increasing amounts of time and effort are devoted to control, risk, and compliance functions. One of the biggest challenges is third-party risk management and, unfortunately, previous technology solutions have been inadequate to support the needs of risk and compliance teams. Fluxguard changes that dynamic by providing a flexible platform that can be deployed across several different risk vectors and use cases.

“Now more than ever, it is critical for risk and compliance teams to have detailed website change detection capabilities in place for their owned website properties as well as the third parties that they are doing business with,” said Scott Roth, CEO of LegitScript. “By partnering together with the Fluxguard team we will be able to bring extremely valuable new technology and insights to LegitScript and Fluxguard clients — all with a desire to minimize potential internal, external, and third-party risks.”

As a part of the acquisition, Fluxguard will continue to be made available as a standalone solution, and over the coming months the LegitScript and Fluxguard teams will work to integrate their existing capabilities together to create new offerings that will serve both existing and new clients and partners of both organizations.

“We are extremely excited to join forces with the LegitScript team so that we can continue to bring to life our vision for Fluxguard and also enhance LegitScript’s existing capabilities,” said Peter Bray, founder and CEO of Fluxguard. “Our companies are aligned on a similar mission and vision for using advanced technology to solve complex business problems for risk and compliance teams.”

To learn more about the acquisition and the benefits for LegitScript and Fluxguard clients, visit legitscript.com/fluxguard.

About LegitScript

LegitScript has been leading the charge for a safer, more transparent internet and payments ecosystem for more than 15 years — combining technology and data with a team of experts skilled in monitoring, certification, and investigations. LegitScript’s broad and deep view across the entire commercial internet provides unique insights from all industries and angles, allowing businesses to evaluate, manage, and mitigate risk. That’s why LegitScript is trusted by the world's largest internet platforms, payments companies, and regulatory agencies. For more information, visit legitscript.com.

About Fluxguard

Fluxguard is a leading AI-powered website change detection and monitoring solution. The solution allows users to track a website URL and uses advanced technology to track changes that occur on that website over time — text changes, image changes, new page additions, page deletions, and more. Because many of today’s websites are highly dynamic and constantly changing, it’s important to use advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to filter out the noise and focus on only the changes that are significant or meaningful in the context of various business challenges.


David Khalaf

Release Summary

LegitScript has acquired Fluxguard, the leader in AI-powered website change detection and monitoring for global risk and compliance teams.


David Khalaf