Mercedes-Benz Expands Charging Options for Customers: Access to Tesla Supercharger Network in North America While Building Its Own High-Power Charging Network

  • Mercedes-Benz to integrate North American Charging Standard (NACS) in its electric vehicle line-up – introduction in North America starting 2025
  • Mercedes-Benz drivers gain access to more than 12,000 Tesla Superchargers across North America beginning in 2024
  • Mercedes-Benz to simultaneously expand new Mercedes-Benz Charging Network with more than 2,500 high-power chargers in North America to provide a best-in-class charging experience
  • First Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging sites to open in Q4 2023 for both Mercedes-Benz and non-Mercedes-Benz drivers

Mercedes-Benz EQS AMG Sedan and Tesla Superchargers. (Photo: Business Wire)

STUTTGART, Germany--()--Mercedes-Benz drivers can use Tesla Superchargers in North America starting in 2024, following a customer-focused approach to scale electric vehicles based on a superior product experience and full access to all major charging networks.

Mercedes-Benz will be the first German OEM to implement NACS ports into its new electric vehicles starting in 2025. As part of a phased transition, Mercedes-Benz will initially offer an adapter that enables the company’s existing CCS BEVs to charge seamlessly on the NACS network from 2024 onwards.

"Our strategic priority is clear: Building the world’s most desirable cars. To accelerate the shift to electric vehicles, we are dedicated to elevating the entire EV-experience for our customers - including fast, convenient, and reliable charging solutions wherever their Mercedes-Benz takes them. That’s why we are committed to building our global Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging Network, with the first sites opening this year. In parallel, we are also implementing NACS in our vehicles, allowing drivers to access an expansive network of high-quality charging offerings in North America."
Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management Mercedes-Benz Group AG

Starting in 2024, Mercedes-Benz drivers get access to more than 12,000 Tesla Superchargers in North America through Mercedes-Benz’s own charging service Mercedes me Charge. Mercedes-Benz drivers will see Tesla Superchargers on the map in the vehicle and the app including availability status and price. They can seamlessly access the chargers and automatically pay for their charging sessions. The Superchargers will also be integrated in the Navigation with Electric Intelligence, which calculates a convenient and time-efficient route including charging stops. In North America, the Mercedes me Charge service, which currently covers more than 90,000 charging points, along with Mercedes-Benz's upcoming own High-Power Charging Network, offers an enhanced experience for its customers. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz will remain open to additional and new high-quality charging offerings to further increase the high-power charging opportunities for its customers and boost the adoption of electric vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz adds to existing infrastructure with 2,500 high-power chargers in North America

In addition to ensuring compatibility with an expanded network of existing charging stations, Mercedes-Benz will establish its own High-Power Charging Network with more than 400 Charging Hubs, including more than 2,500 high-power chargers in North America by the end of the decade, together with its American partners. The first Mercedes-Benz Charging Hubs in North America will be opened by the end of 2023 and will be equipped with both CCS1 and NACS plugs.

Globally, Mercedes-Benz plans to establish more than 2,000 Charging Hubs in North America, Europe, China and other core markets by the end of the decade. In total, these will be comprised of more than 10,000 charging points, which can further be expanded depending on market needs. The Mercedes-Benz Charging Hubs will be universally open to electric vehicles from all brands, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of EV owners. Already today, with Mercedes me Charge, Mercedes-Benz customers can currently access more than 1.2 million charging points worldwide.

With its own charging network, Mercedes-Benz will set a new standard for EV infrastructure, enabling a convenient charging experience in terms of fast, safe and green charging of electric vehicles.

“With the development of Mercedes-Benz’s new North American High-Power Charging Network, we are ready to redefine the electric vehicle charging experience. We’re building on our strong brand promise here by leveraging the renowned quality, reputation, and customer focus for which Mercedes-Benz has been known for well over a century.”
Andrew Cornelia, CEO of Mercedes-Benz HPC North America

Further information on Mercedes-Benz Mobility is available at: and

Mercedes-Benz Mobility at a glance

With around 10,000 employees, Mercedes-Benz Mobility specialises in financial and mobility services. The products range from financing, leasing, vehicle subscription, rental and fleet management to insurance, innovative mobility services, digital payment solutions as well as products and services around charging.. Mercedes-Benz Mobility is a division of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, which also includes the vehicle manufacturer Mercedes-Benz AG, one of the largest suppliers of premium and luxury passenger cars and vans. Mercedes-Benz Group AG is one of the most successful automotive companies in the world. As financial services provider, Mercedes-Benz Mobility entities support sales of the Mercedes-Benz Group's automotive brands worldwide. In addition, Mercedes-Benz Mobility offers comprehensive products and services in the fields of charging at home, at public and for business use cases. In Germany, Mercedes-Benz Bank is one of the leading vehicle financing banks. Flexible mobility offers such as Mercedes-Benz Rent or EQ subscription, enable an uncomplicated and flexible entry into e-mobility, complementing the service portfolio. With its subsidiary Athlon, Mercedes-Benz Mobility is present in Europe in operational fleet management and vehicle leasing and is responsible for around 400,000 vehicles. In addition, Mercedes-Benz Mobility invests in the market for urban mobility services: The FREE NOW Joint Venture is a pioneer of multimodal mobility with its digital Mobility-as-a-Service platform. The Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS), which is behind the CHARGE NOW Joint Venture, brings together drivers of electric vehicles and charging station operators. The portfolio also includes StarRides – a limousine transport service joint venture in China – and the participation in the Berlin chauffeur service Blacklane. In 2022, Mercedes-Benz Mobility financed or leased around every second of the Mercedes-Benz Group's vehicles sold worldwide. This corresponds to a contract volume of 132.4 billion €. The business segment generated sales of 27.0 billion € in 2022 and achieved an EBIT adjusted of 2.4 billion €. Mercedes-Benz Mobility operates in 35 countries.


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Release Summary

Mercedes-Benz EVs can use Tesla Superchargers in North America from 2024, and Mercedes-Benz's own charging network to implement NACS standard.


Barbara Münzinger, +49 176 30923153,
Oliver Fenzl, +49 176 30925025,
Melinda Mernovage, +1 248 4825493,