Cloudinary Launches New Ventures and Debuts FinalTouch, an AI-powered Platform Transforming Visual Media Creation


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FinalTouch is the leading edge in AI-powered creativity for marketers, brand managers, and photographers. Create unique and limitless product scenes that convert into sales.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Cloudinary, the image and video platform that powers many of the world’s top brands, today launched New Ventures. The new Cloudinary initiative will serve as an incubator to drive a sustainable competitive advantage by exploring new domains and market opportunities in visual media and applying groundbreaking technologies like generative AI. New Ventures’ debut release is FinalTouch, a powerful generative AI solution that transforms generic product images into captivating, brand-friendly scenes in an instant. Currently in alpha release and open for early access, FinalTouch is purpose-built for small and growing e-commerce brands that lack dedicated design and tech resources. To sign up, visit and read more in today’s blog.

The relentless demand for compelling, high-quality images and videos that engage audiences is greater than ever, particularly in e-commerce. According to Cloudinary’s recent e-commerce survey, having a ‘detailed product gallery’ was a top criteria (57%) in defining what makes a ‘great shopping experience.’ However, creating engaging visual content at scale often requires a significant investment of time and resources. With FinalTouch, businesses can create images and ads in minutes without the need for design and developer attention, saving valuable time and enabling them to commit specialist resources to more meaningful activities.

For example, this means a furniture brand can take a picture of a new couch in its warehouse without needing to first establish a proper photoshoot background. The retailer then uploads the photo to FinalTouch, which identifies the product and creates a high-quality product image. From there, the conversational interface makes it easy to instantly create a variety of scenes for customers to see how the couch looks in the context of different living room styles. FinalTouch is also useful for seasonal or holiday promotions, creating unique visual experiences in seconds without the need for a photoshoot.

“New Ventures embodies Cloudinary's inherent entrepreneurial spirit, deepening our commitment to continuous innovation and disruption. Our focus is on nurturing audacious pioneers, creating hockey-stick growth avenues, and harnessing the power of transformational technologies to shape the future of visual media," said Daniel Amitai, vice president of innovation at Cloudinary. “New Ventures blends the agility of visionary teams operating like a startup with the foresight of an established company and the invaluable perspective of our users, customers, and partners. Together, we're poised to increase our chances of uncovering and capitalizing on the most promising new opportunities."

"Generative AI opens up an entirely new world of opportunities for businesses and creators alike and media creation will never be the same,” said Barak Leon, general manager for FinalTouch at Cloudinary. “With FinalTouch, we are empowering businesses to transform their visual content in minutes, without the need for specialized design skills. Our aim is to make advanced generative AI tools accessible to all and to simplify the often costly and complex creative processes that ambitious brands must overcome. By starting with virtual photoshoots, we are helping brands reimagine their product galleries and create visually captivating product images their customers will fall in love with."

About FinalTouch

FinalTouch is an AI-powered platform that creates multiple unique product scenes from a single product shot without the need for specialized expertise or costly photography. FinalTouch allows businesses of all sizes and industries, from furniture retailers to beauty and cosmetics, to create product images featuring their products in any number of customized backgrounds and settings in minutes with just a few clicks. Join the free alpha to experience the leading edge of AI-powered creativity at

About Cloudinary

Cloudinary is the image and video technology platform that enables the world’s most engaging brands to deliver transformative visual experiences at global scale. More than 1.5 million users and 10,000 customers, including Apartment Therapy, Bleacher Report, Bombas, Grubhub, Hinge, NBC, Mediavine, Minted, Paul Smith and Peloton, rely on Cloudinary to bring their campaigns, apps and sites to life. With the world’s most powerful image and video APIs backed by industry-leading artificial intelligence and patented technology, Cloudinary offers a single source of truth for brands to manage, transform, optimize, and deliver visual experiences at scale. As a result, the most engaging brands across all industries are seeing up to a 203% ROI using Cloudinary with benefits including faster time to market, higher user satisfaction and increased engagement and conversions. For more information, visit


Aidan Griffin
Global Communications, Cloudinary

Release Summary

Cloudinary builds on legacy of AI innovation leadership with launch of its New Ventures initiative and FinalTouch, a powerful generative AI solution.


Aidan Griffin
Global Communications, Cloudinary