20/20 Onsite Is the First Mobile Clinic To Earn Site Readiness Certification From Precision Vision Clinical Trial Solutions

BOSTON--()--20/20 Onsite, the leading provider of innovative mobile vision care solutions, becomes the first and only mobile clinic to earn a Site Readiness Certification from Precision Vision Clinical Trial Solutions, a division of Precision Vision. This certification gives study sponsors confidence that 20/20 Onsite possesses the required equipment and clinical staff to accurately perform and collect data to support their primary endpoints, such as best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) testing.

To achieve this certification, 20/20 Onsite’s examination lane onboard its Mobile Vision Clinic had to meet stringent requirements to perform BCVA assessments, including the proper distance for Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study (ETDRS) equipment and fully controllable lighting conditions throughout the vehicle.

Obtaining this certification affirms 20/20 Onsite’s commitment to reducing burdens for sponsors and research sites while making clinical trials more accessible to participants nationwide.

“We are grateful for our partnership and endorsement from Precision Vision,” Adam Merola, Director of Life Sciences at 20/20 Onsite, shared. “Being certified by the manufacturer of the vision testing equipment already onboard our Mobile Vision Clinic allows us to continue delivering exceptional clinical vision care and make it easier for sponsors who have best-corrected visual acuity requirements in their study to partner with us.”

For nearly 60 years, Precision Vision has supported vision research trials by manufacturing the equipment required for BCVA testing. Its Clinical Trials Solutions division is led with over 20 years of experience in ophthalmic research and BCVA certification.

Melissa Cowen, Head of Clinical Trial Solutions at Precision Vision, spearheaded the certification process onboard the Mobile Vision Clinic and commended the ease of working with 20/20 Onsite. “The 20/20 Onsite mobile unit is staffed with professionals who are knowledgeable and proactively prepared for various assessments that may need to be performed to support the study endpoint,” Cowen said. “Their novel approach of bringing research to the subject will expand clinical trial participation to subjects in geographic areas not typically served by studies.”

The Site Readiness Certification joins 20/20 Onsite’s growing list of qualifications for its fleet of Mobile Vision Clinics, including an ophthalmic certification from Emmes Optym and an excellent air quality certification from STERIS.

“Our clients benefit from the assurance provided by our staff and site being pre-certified by multiple reputable organizations,” Merola added. “The Site Readiness Certification ensures our testing output is accurate and reliable, giving our clients the utmost confidence in the results we deliver.”

For more information, visit 2020onsite.com or to learn more about 20/20 Onsite’s clinical trials capabilities, please visit www.2020onsite.com/hybrid-trial-solutions or email lifesciences@2020onsite.com.


Founded in 2014, 20/20 Onsite’s Mobile Vision Clinics and world-class eye care team have provided vision care to over 75,000 patients in their workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods. In May 2020, services expanded to support BioPharma companies, CROs, and clinical sites, bringing high-tech mobile clinics directly to patients and providing vital access to clinical trial assessments and tests. Named one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Companies in 2018, 20/20 Onsite disrupts old-fashioned eye care delivery and empowers the Life Sciences research field.


Jessica Mays, 20/20 Onsite VP of Life Sciences, lifesciences@2020onsite.com


Jessica Mays, 20/20 Onsite VP of Life Sciences, lifesciences@2020onsite.com