Cabinet Health Launches National Recycling Program to Address Pharmaceutical Plastic Waste

The Sustainable Medicine System Will Introduce Solution to Eliminate Over-the-Counter and Prescription Pill Bottle Waste from Landfills and Oceans

Cabinet Refresh Bag (Photo: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--Cabinet Health, the makers of the world's first refillable and compostable medicine system, is launching its first-ever nationwide pill bottle recycling program to address the pharmaceutical plastic waste crisis. Through the program, anyone in the U.S. will be able to request a recycling bag from Cabinet Health, ship back their old, empty plastic pill bottles–with all personal information removed–for free to Cabinet, where the bottles will then either be recycled responsibly, or upcycled into an evolving art sculpture by interdisciplinary artist Kellie Gillespie. To participate, anyone from across the U.S. can visit and receive a recycling bag with a prepaid shipping label.

An estimated 165 billion plastic pill bottles enter our oceans, waterways, and landfills every year, while only an estimated 5% of plastic waste generated annually in the U.S. actually gets recycled. The amber pharmacy pill bottles, which make up a majority of all plastic pill bottles in the U.S., are generally not accepted by curbside recycling programs at all, contributing the same amount of waste roughly equivalent to filling over 3,300 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

"Pharmaceutical plastic waste remains an environmental issue, and Cabinet Health is committed to not only raising awareness but to providing tangible solutions to address it. And this extends beyond our environment to human health, as we’re eliminating the eventual consumption of microplastics from our bodies," said Russell Gong, Co-Founder and President of Cabinet Health. “We are proud to partner with sculptural artist and mental health activist Kellie Gillespie to support her next piece of artwork that will live on well beyond the norm of a single-use plastic bottle.”

All plastic pill bottles received through the program will be incorporated within Kellie Gillespie’s next piece of artwork. With the program and respective art piece to follow, Cabinet Health’s national recycling program enables Kellie to transform America's pill bottle waste into an extraordinary art installation made entirely of repurposed items commonly discarded by society. Cabinet Health hopes this initiative will help to further amplify and raise awareness around the growing plastic waste crisis and provides accessible opportunities for individuals to reduce their plastic waste, while learning about more sustainable solutions in healthcare.

Cabinet Health reimagined traditional pill bottle packaging to offer customers a first-of-its-kind, low-waste solution free of single-use plastics. Cabinet Health’s system features elevated glass bottles that can be infinitely re-used, along with patented compostable pill packages that are made out of 100 percent earth-digestible materials and are city-compost friendly. By switching to the brand's refillable system, Cabinet Health's customers eliminate up to one pound of plastic annually and hundreds of pounds of plastic in a lifetime.

Cabinet Health products are currently found on, via online retailers such as Grove Collaborative and Amazon, and in-store in select CVS locations nationwide. Cabinet Health is a certified B-Corp that prioritizes minimizing carbon footprint, water waste, and material waste in their offerings and practices.

About Cabinet Health
Cabinet Health is a sustainable healthcare company that has invented the world’s first refillable and compostable medicine system, offering an impactful solution to the growing plastic waste crisis. Co-founders Russell Gong and Achal Patel launched Cabinet Health in 2018 with a vision to reimagine the way the industry packages and fills every type of medicine. The company is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic from pharmaceuticals altogether, which produces more than 190 billion single-use plastic medicine bottles every year, with an estimated 90%+ landing in our oceans, landfills, and eventually, our bodies as microplastics. The Cabinet Health system offers high-quality over-the-counter medicines and supplements in elevated glass bottles that can be infinitely re-used, providing customers with a more beautiful, streamlined, and low-waste alternative to the dozens of plastic pill bottles in their medicine cabinets today. All Cabinet Health over-the-counter medicines are third-party batch-tested, use FDA-approved active ingredients, and are free of known carcinogens, toxins, and allergens, including gluten. Cabinet Health is a certified B-Corp with a growing base of customers who have helped divert over 50,000 pounds of plastic from landfills and counting. To learn more visit and follow at

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(646) 896-1397