Eternal space division wins NASA competition

Kernel Deltech USA, Eternal space division, celebrates after the announcement. (Photo: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--We are thrilled to announce that Kernel Deltech, the space-focused division of Eternal Bioworks, has emerged as a winner in NASA's Deep Space Food Challenge.

Miguel Neumann, the recently appointed CEO of Kernel Deltech, said, "This achievement is a testament to the extraordinary talent and dedication of our team. Winning the NASA Deep Space Food Challenge highlights the incredible potential of our technology, both in space and on Earth."

The patented technology, likened to a fungi-food version of a coffee pod machine, is compact, automated, and designed for the minimal resources available in space. The system's safety and efficiency have been thoroughly tested and verified by NASA judges. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and robotics, the production system minimizes water and energy consumption while maximizing the nutritional output.

In addition to the NASA competition, Eternal is a finalist in the XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion challenge, further showcasing the versatility of its Mycofood™, the key ingredient the company created, and the potential for this technology to transform food systems globally.

"This is an extraordinary moment for Kernel Deltech, Eternal Bioworks, and all of humanity," said Horacio Acerbo, Eternal’s Founder. "Our fungi-based food technology could revolutionize not just how we eat in space, but how we approach food security here on Earth. This is a victory for sustainable, accessible nutrition, and space exploration."

Kernel Deltech will be presenting its groundbreaking technology at the NASA Deep Space Food Challenge and Beyond event at Smart Design in Brooklyn on May 20th.

"We are standing on the brink of a new era for food production and space exploration," said Lucas Gago, Chief Innovation Officer for Eternal Group. "With this technology, we are one step closer to making long-duration space travel a reality."

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