Ozette Announces New Suite of Machine Learning-Powered Computational Analysis Solutions Coupled with High Dimensional Full Spectrum Cytometry Data Generation to Accelerate Decision-Making for Clinical Biomarker Teams

  • Ozette Endpoints™ delivers the fastest path from cytometry data to actionable results enabling clinical development teams to answer key biomarker questions to support pharmacodynamics, safety, and disease biology objectives.
  • Ozette Discovery™ provides fast, unbiased, robust, and transparent automated cell population discovery and annotation, altering where multidisciplinary science and bioinformatics teams spend their time by allowing scientists to see and explore their single-cell data in context and in real-time.
  • Ozette Assay-to-Insights couples Ozette Endpoints™ and Ozette Discovery™ with the generation of Full Spectrum Cytometry data using Ozette’s 48-color Pan-Immuno-Phenotype panel at Ozette Lab.

SEATTLE--()--Ozette Technologies, Inc., a technology-driven life sciences company, announces the launch of their Assay-to-Insights product, a streamlined, state-of-the-art process to explore the immune system in fresh and frozen samples. Ozette Assay-to-Insights combines three technologies developed by the company: world-class data generation at the Ozette Laboratory under Good Clinical Laboratory Practices (GCLP) guidelines; rapid computational monitoring of pre-defined biomarker endpoints using Ozette Endpoints™; and unbiased discovery and annotation of single-cell cytometry data through Ozette Discovery™. Insights generated from Ozette Endpoints™ and Ozette Discovery™ are made available through the Ozette Platform™, a cloud-based system that enables clinical teams to interact and explore cytometry data in a central dashboard.

In tandem with these, Ozette announces the Assay-to-Insights Partner Grant Program. Researchers meeting Ozette’s eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply and inquire via Ozette’s website.

Ozette Endpoints™ provides clinical biomarker teams with rapid access to decision-enabling data. This advancement in speed and quality outperforms legacy solutions, which can take orders of magnitude longer to identify target or novel cell phenotypes. Coupled with Ozette’s in-house data science and immunology experts, Ozette Endpoints™ ensures clinical trial teams receive the robust, reproducible, transparent, and rapid results they need for fast, informed decision-making.

“Ozette Endpoints™ offers clinical investigators the robust tools to measure key biomarker endpoints at unparalleled speed and resolution in an integrated platform,” said Cherie Green, VP of Translational Science at Ozette. “Ozette’s in-house experts in clinical biomarkers, coupled with our purpose-built computational analysis platform, increase efficiency and robustness while ensuring transparency and visibility into the process. We look forward to introducing Ozette Endpoints™ at CYTO 2023 to share this transformative technology; redefining the future of clinical trials and, ultimately, patient outcomes.

Ozette Discovery™ provides best-in-class, unbiased, robust, and transparent automated cell population discovery and annotation from single-cell cytometry data. This technology changes how lab scientists and bioinformatics scientists spend their time. It enables all scientists to see and explore all their single-cell data in context and in real-time. When Ozette Discovery™ is used to analyze a cytometry experiment, the results can be explored in the Ozette platform, a transformative computational environment that fosters seamless collaboration, supports longitudinal data collection observed in clinical trials, and enables rapid, uniform, standardized, and transparent data analysis of single-cell cytometry data from diverse single-cell proteomic technologies. Scientists, from immunologists to computational biologists, can collaborate, share, and gain access to all the data and results from a single source of truth, in one dashboard and review and interact with the data on demand.

“We have developed technology that allows Ozette to support the entire development cycle of a therapy, from preclinical research through FDA approval. Our technology pushes the world’s understanding of immunology and disease by decoding clinically relevant insights in single-cell cytometry data,” said Ali Ansary, Ozette CEO and Co-Founder. “We are bringing interpretability and reproducible biology to our biopharma and academic partners so patients can have faster access to life saving therapies.”

Four Ozette scientific presentations and poster sessions at CYTO 2023 will highlight the unprecedented speed, depth of analysis, and reproducibility of Ozette’s core technologies:

  • High Dimensional Cytometry: Computational methods for effective exploration and comparison of high-dimensional cytometry data with 2D embeddings (presented by Trevor Manz)
  • Data Science: A platform for comprehensive and standardized analysis of large and high-dimensional cytometry experiments using interpretable machine learning (presented by Greg Finak)
  • Single Cell “-omics”: Robust and interpretable discovery of cell populations for antibody tagged proteins in single cell RNAseq (presented by Denise Allen)
  • Commercial Tutorial: Revolutionizing Single Cell Immune Profiling and Computational Analysis with the Ozette Platform (presented by Cherie Green & Greg Finak)
  • Poster Session: Leveraging AI/ML to analyze the effect of leukocyte isolation and cryopreservation on surface protein expression in peripheral blood samples in the context of a 48-color full spectrum cytometry pan-immune profiling panel (presented by Kurt Van Gunst)

Full detail on the presentations and poster sessions here. Please contact us to learn more about Ozette’s product offerings.

Follow Ozette on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest news and information, or visit the Ozette team live at CYTO (Booth #539).

About Ozette

Ozette Technologies, Inc. is engineering a transformative leap in cell discovery and annotation of the human immune system. The Seattle-based life sciences company is building a groundbreaking high-resolution, single-cell immune monitoring platform and corpus of high-resolution data leveraging its differentiated novel ML technologies. Founded in late 2020, Ozette was spun-out of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and incubated at the Allen Institute for AI. Ozette’s interdisciplinary team is made up of a deep bench of scientists, statisticians, engineers, and designers with a wide range of experience spanning Genentech, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Airbnb, and more. Ozette’s team also includes leaders and pioneers in the field of medical research and single cell analysis, including founders: physician Ali Ansary, and scientists Greg Finak, Evan Greene, and Raphael Gottardo.


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Ozette Technologies, Inc. announces the launch of their Assay-to-Insights product, combining three technologies developed by the company.

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