Atlan Unveils Atlan AI Ushering in the Future of Working with Data

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Atlan, the pioneering active metadata platform, has unveiled Atlan AI, the first-ever co-pilot for data teams.

Atlan AI brings the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence to metadata management, transforming the modern data experience.

This copilot for data users inspires them to embrace the magic of AI in ways that they can discover, understand, and use data faster than ever before.

Data teams are solving some of the most complex problems today - be it preventing the next pandemic or finding a cure for cancer - from unprecedented climate change to exploring unknowns in the universe. These individuals are at the forefront of the most creative pursuits ever undertaken by humanity.

With Atlan AI, they can experience incredible efficiency, abundance, freedom, and more.

The copilot for every human of data

Atlan AI is designed to be the copilot for every human of data - be it data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, or business users.

Imagine data analysts simply asking for the data asset they're looking for, or inquiring about the meaning of a column name in a chat, just as they would with a colleague.

Or just imagine data stewards saving countless hours of documentation for terms and tables, using their time to oversee data governance practices that will make their team more agile.

Picture a data engineer receiving a simple note on the numerous transformations a data asset has gone through, from source to consumption, without having to go through complex SQL.

Think true data democratization, with every person in business functions exploring data without having to learn SQL!

Atlan AI is capable of making all this reality, and much more.

Starting today, everyone loves documentation

The importance of documentation cannot be emphasized enough, especially with a lot of teams operating in hybrid or remote environments. But documentation of data, especially when done manually can be a tedious experience.

Atlan AI is set to automate the documentation process. It can document hundreds of assets in just minutes, making it especially helpful for those who have just started their data governance journey and have a backlog of data assets with missing documentation.

From inquiry to insight, in seconds

Insight at the speed of business still sounds like a romantic notion. Atlan AI promises to bring us closer to making it a reality.

It opens up data exploration to all. It empowers all data users to explore data and gain insights, without needing to have advanced technical skills. It can suggest questions to ask your data, and it can show you the questions your team is asking.

"The strength of Atlan has always been in recognizing that diversity of data teams is a feature and not a bug. We are incredibly excited about how Atlan AI is poised to revolutionize data interactions for every type of data user, whether they are a data engineer, analyst, data steward, or a business user. Atlan AI is designed to assist and collaborate with everyone, freeing them up for problems that require their utmost time and attention.” said Prukalpa Sankar, Co-Founder of Atlan.

“Atlan AI also makes it incredibly simple for our users to leverage the power of AI in their current workflows without having to go to another tool. They can fire it up from Atlan, and all of their favorite data tools!” added Prukalpa Sankar, Co-Founder of Atlan.

"Our mission is to help data teams do more, together. This north star drives us to be early adopters of new technologies that make life easier for our users. Atlan AI is the logical next step, an accelerator for everything that Atlan was already capable of. We are grateful to have the opportunity to build this future with our customers, who are incredible partners and the best sounding boards," said Varun Banka, Co-Founder of Atlan.

Atlan AI has already caused a stir in the data world, with people eagerly anticipating the beta release. The buzz started after Atlan teased the launch during their recent Great Data Debate, showcasing extraordinary use cases.

Atlan is now offering data users worldwide the opportunity to join the waitlist and try their hands at this game-changing co-pilot for data teams. You can sign up through this link.

About Atlan:

Atlan is an active metadata platform for modern data teams. It creates a single source of truth by acting as a collaborative workspace for data teams and by bringing context back into the tools where data teams live. Atlan features deep integrations across the modern data stack, including Slack, Snowflake, dbt Labs, Redshift, Looker, Sisense, and Tableau.

Atlan has been recognized as a leader in the industry and has received multiple accolades, including being named a Forrester Wave Leader for Enterprise Data Catalogs for DataOps in 2022 and recognition by Gartner seven times in 2021. Most recently, in early 2023, it debuted as a leader in G2 in the categories of Data Governance, Machine Learning Data Catalog, and Data Quality.

So far, Atlan has raised a Series B and is backed by top investors and leaders in the modern data stack (including Insight Partners, Sequoia, Salesforce Ventures, and founders & CEOs from Snowflake, Looker, and Stitch).

For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at @atlanHQ.


Surendran Balachandran


Surendran Balachandran