Density Unveils Advanced Sensors that Cut Cost of Workplace Measurement by 51%

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Density, the leader in workplace analytics, introduced two radar sensors today that increase coverage by 34% and cut hardware and installation expenses in half. Open Area Long Range (LR) and Open Area Short Range (SR), designed for high ceilings and small spaces respectively, reduce total cost of ownership by 27% on average and can save up to 51%.

The company also unveiled Coverage Pricing, an industry-first pricing model based on square footage measured rather than a per-sensor fee, offering a consistent rate for analytics regardless of sensor count. This pricing aligns workplace analytics with other square-footage-based investments, simplifying ROI calculation for customers.

Open Area Long Range (LR)

Configured for the largest spaces, Open Area LR represents an enormous leap in coverage. With a single sensor able to measure 1,000 square feet, Open Area LR delivers the greatest coverage using the fewest sensors, saving customers up to 51% on installation and hardware costs.

  • Accurate, anonymous insight into how people use workspaces
  • Support for 20-foot ceilings and 1,000 square feet of coverage per sensor
  • Measure anywhere, for less: fewer sensors required per deployment means an average 27% reduction in total cost of ownership
  • Shipping May 2023

Open Area Short Range (SR)

With Open Area SR, Density brings the science of sensing to small spaces. Open Area SR provides insight into the single occupancy spaces that make hybrid work: phone booths, focus areas and huddle rooms.

  • Measure occupancy in small spaces and under low ceilings – often some of the hardest spaces to measure
  • Supports extreme close proximity occupancy detection (sub-6 inch)
  • Advanced filtering algorithms to provide near-perfect accuracy even in the smallest rooms
  • Ships later this year

Coverage Pricing

The company also announced a new, simplified pricing model. In an industry first, Density will offer its analytics to customers in a subscription model calculated per square foot measured instead of per sensor.

The new model aligns workplace analytics with other square-footage-based investments such as leases, cleaning costs, utilities and security, simplifying ROI calculation when customers reduce workplace costs based on Density insights.

“This evolution of our product and pricing aligns incentives with customers,” said Andrew Farah, Density CEO. “Our goal is to provide the best insights across the largest space with the least infrastructure necessary. The innovations announced today let us do exactly that.”

About Density

Density builds technology that helps companies optimize their workplaces. Companies from Fortune 500 to high growth innovators use Density insights to make better real estate decisions, improve the experience for employees and achieve higher ROI on every square foot. Density works with companies ranging from Uber, Pinterest, Shopify, Okta and other household names in financial services, e-commerce and social networking, occupying more than 1.25 billion square feet worldwide.


Eva Rijser


Eva Rijser