Dahua Releases Industry-leading AcuPick Technology for Quick and Accurate Video Search

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HANGZHOU, China--()--Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, has officially released the latest AcuPick video search technology to help users locate target videos more accurately and conveniently. Utilizing front-end and back-end AI innovations, AcuPick offers quick search, easy operation and high accuracy, leading new technological breakthroughs in the industry.

“Efficiency and accuracy are the two key factors customers are looking for, as finding a specific object from massive footages can be really challenging. AcuPick allows users to easily pick out target video clips in seconds, which is ideal for situations where immediate traceability and evidence are required such as tracking down vehicle vandals in the parking lot, finding a lost child in a shopping mall, etc.,” said Grace Huang, Product Manager at Dahua Technology.

Quick search for human/vehicle targets

Unlike frame-by-frame browsing or complex AI search methods, AcuPick directly locates the video clips of a human/vehicle target by filtering out unnecessary information, which greatly saves search time. Moreover, the Smart Search by Intrusion function allows users to search for targets even when their appearance time is uncertain. By selecting the target type and drawing an intrusion area, AcuPick can help users pinpoint the targets and retrieve video clips of all the locations where the target has been.

Easy to use with one-click pick

AcuPick features one-click extraction of targets, which makes this function incredibly easy to use. It allows searching in Live View/Playback by simply clicking “Pick Up” on a frozen and framed target in the video, and the system will automatically pick up historical videos that match the target. In addition, it eliminates the need for expensive computing servers, thus reducing the total cost of ownership.

High accuracy based on AI fusion algorithm

What makes AcuPick an industry-leading technical solution is the innovative concept of deep integration of front-end and back-end intelligence. With advanced deep-learning algorithm, AcuPick integrates front-end IP camera and back-end NVR in order to realize accurate search results through comprehensive AI analysis.

With unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use, AcuPick is well-positioned to become a vital tool for a wide range of industries, offering innovative and practical solutions to overcome the challenges of searching human/vehicle targets in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

For more details about AcuPick, please visit the official website here.


Zoe Xu (xu_shuyi@dahuatech.com)


Zoe Xu (xu_shuyi@dahuatech.com)