Torch Sensors Launches the #GiveTorch Program, Enabling Donation of Torch Sensors to Bolster Wildfire Preparedness, Detection and Safety

#GiveTorch empowers individuals to provide early wildfire detection technology to vulnerable communities and nonprofits, potentially saving lives and property during fire season

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Torch Sensors, a Bay Area startup offering ultra-early-stage outdoor fire detection with unprecedented accuracy, today announced the initiation of the #GiveTorch program. The #GiveTorch program enables direct purchase and donation of Torch sensors to nonprofits and communities in need, bolstering wildfire preparedness and safety as part of Wildfire Awareness Month this month and in preparation for the upcoming fire season.

The goal of the #GiveTorch program is to enable donors in or outside of areas directly affected by wildfires to support those in vulnerable communities, as part of Torch Sensors’ mission to cover all areas at risk of fire and prevent wildfire disasters. By facilitating the donation of Torch sensors, the #GiveTorch program contributes to a wider network of early warning systems, allowing for quicker response times and more effective firefighting efforts.

Torch Sensors runs the #GiveTorch program, while non-profits across the United States support it by agreeing to accept donations of Torch Sensors and helping in their distribution. Starting May 6th, interested donors can purchase Torch sensors and select a region and organization of their choosing. Once confirmed, Torch will partner with the organization selected to deliver the sensor devices to those in need. For every 10 sensors donated in an area, Torch will match and give a free sensor to the same organization and location.

“Although it took a decade for indoor smoke alarms to become mandatory through federal and state laws leading to their common use, we recognize that in 2023, we can't afford a similar delay with wildfires. Climate change is real and has immediate consequences. By launching the #GiveTorch initiative, our goal is to expedite early wildfire detection and prevention by empowering U.S. citizens to take action and help put an end to wildfires,” said Torch Sensors CEO and co-founder Michael Buckwald.

“We received tremendous interest in Torch Sensors since we launched our ultra-early-stage outdoor fire detection product in March, and we have been inundated with requests from the 70% of people outside of fire-risk areas to have an ability to contribute in their own way. #GiveTorch is our answer to the requests to contribute and the need for early detection of outdoor fires in vulnerable areas and communities,” said Torch chief operating officer and co-founder Vasya Tremsin.

Torch sensors provide ultra-early-stage outdoor fire detection

Torch sensors are the most sophisticated and accurate outdoor fire detection sensor devices available today. The devices are solar-powered sensors that continuously monitor an outdoor area for any signs of fire and communicate with a free mobile app that immediately notifies users about fires not only on their property but also in surrounding areas and communities. Each Torch device provides up to 10 acres of coverage and incorporates multiple sensors that measure visual, thermal and gas characteristics for the most comprehensive outdoor fire detection.

Torch sensors detect outdoor fires the size of a car – usually even smaller – outside the line of sight. The sensors require no maintenance, are built to last at least five years and withstand all weather conditions. Torch sensors also don’t require specialized equipment to install; they can be mounted at human height to a tree, pole or building.

About Torch Sensors

Founded in 2020, Torch Sensors provides an all-in-one solution for outdoor fire detection that spots an active flame at an earlier stage than any other technology on the market. The company offers low-cost advanced solar-powered sensors that continuously monitor an outdoor area for any signs of fire, and a mobile app that immediately notifies users about fires not only on their property, but also in the surrounding areas and communities. Torch Sensors is intended for a wide range of users, including consumer homeowners and landowners, agriculture, hospitality, and utility companies, and government organizations. For more information visit the Torch Sensors website and follow Torch Sensors on LinkedIn and on Twitter.


Brent Shelton


Brent Shelton