Trigo, Auchan Launch Autonomous Grocery Store at French Retail Giant’s HQ

Auchan’s new Trigo-powered store will enable a tap-and-go experience where shoppers can tap their credit or debit card on the entrance gate. Credit: Auchan Retail France.

TEL AVIV, Israel & VILLENEUVE D'ASCQ, France--()--Auchan Retail has partnered with Trigo, the Israel-based computer vision company specializing in frictionless checkout technology and retail analytics, to launch an autonomous grocery store for the French retail group’s head office employees.

In a first for both companies, Auchan’s new Go store will enable a tap-and-go experience where shoppers can tap their credit or debit card on the entrance gate. Previously, shoppers would download a retailer’s app or scan a QR code to enter the store.

As labor shortages, inflation and supply chain disruptions squeeze profits, leading grocery retailers are continuing to search for ways to become more efficient while also keeping and attracting customers with assortments they know and love, and a seamless user experience. Many are turning to computer vision technology to digitize their stores and supply chains to gather valuable data and optimize the in-store experience.

Trigo's frictionless checkout and retail analytics solutions are currently deployed by leading grocery store chains such as Tesco in the UK, REWE and Netto in Germany, ALDI Nord in The Netherlands, Wakefern Food Corp. in the US, and Shufersal in Israel. The computer vision company is bringing its AI-powered frictionless shopping and retail analytics solution for the first time to France.

Present in 13 countries, Auchan Retail brings together all food retail formats (hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, drive-throughs, and digital) with 2,101 points of sale. Employing over 160,000 people, Auchan Retail’s new Go store will offer a seamless and efficient shopping experience for all head office teams and their visitors.

The store, at Auchan Retail’s headquarters in Villeneuve d'Ascq, offers a wide range of products, including snacking and convenience shopping options, as well as fresh products such as meat, fruits, and vegetables. It utilizes Trigo's EasyOut™ system of cameras and sensors, which allows customers to enter the store using a dedicated app or a credit card at entry. Inside the store, Trigo's proprietary 3D engine, designed specifically for retail settings, uses computer vision cameras and shelf sensors to automatically detect and tally the products picked up by customers. Upon leaving, payment is processed instantly, and the receipt is digital.

Trigo's EasyStock, an AI-powered real-time inventory management system, crunches data generated by the EasyOut™ system, enabling retailers to track inventory, minimize out-of-stock items for in-store and online shopping, limit shoplifting, and reduce waste from perishable and expired products. Improving out-of-stocks even by half could grow a retailer's net income by 18%. EasyStock is currently tracking live inventory status in multiple stores across Europe and the US.

Auchan Retail also sees its new Go store as a true innovation lab, aiming to make it an integrated laboratory for technological innovations, testing shopping experiences, contactless solutions, and new products before considering different deployments in its existing network.

Émilie Soleri, Deputy CEO in charge of Marketing, E-commerce and Digital at Auchan Retail France, said, "We gathered the best new technology in a condensed version of our hypermarket. This lab is stategically located in our headquarter so that we accelerate in creating the future of retail."

Michael Gabay, Trigo's Co-Founder and CEO, said, "Trigo's collaboration with Auchan Retail -- our first store in France -- takes payment options to the next level. With contactless card payment, app download, or QR code scanning, shopping becomes more intuitive and convenient for a broad range of customers. Auchan Retail can now offer an enhanced shopping experience, driving sales and increasing customer loyalty."

Trigo’s GDPR-compliant solution is built with a privacy-by-design architecture, ensuring that customers' movements and product choices are anonymized, and no biometric or facial recognition data are gathered or analyzed.

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About Trigo

Trigo is a computer vision startup reshaping the retail experience. Leveraging world class AI and algorithmics experts, the company's advanced retail automation platform identifies customers' shopping items with exceptional levels of accuracy, creating an entirely seamless checkout process. Trigo’s GDPR-compliant solution is built with a privacy-by-design architecture which anonymizes a shopper’s movement and product choice data. No biometric or facial recognition data are gathered or analyzed. Powered by its proprietary 3D engine, Trigo offers grocery retailers a range of additional solutions called StoreOS™, including predictive inventory management, pricing optimization, security and fraud prevention, planogram compliance, and event-driven marketing. This layer quickly enables actionable insight that boosts the chain’s efficiency. Please visit Trigo for more information.


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